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    What is a LC575 worth?

    A neighbor is selling an LC575 Macintosh machine for $125 or best offer. It has the original KB/Mouse, CD ROM and comes with some educational software.  It has OS 7.5 on it. It has a network port but I am not sure if this is just an Appletalk, or can I use it to do TCP/IP networking. Attached...
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    Color classic dis-assembly question

    After partially sliding out analog board, there are two soldered wires (red/black see pic)  preventing me from removing board from assembly. How do I get to the connection on the assembly to remove them. Also how do I remove hard drive?  Yes I looked at service manual but didnt see it
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    Clone / backup utilities

    Is there a utility (for compact macs) to clone an entire hard drive from the internal drive to external SCSI ?  Or to a file I have a floppy emu. It says it can handle up to 2GB raw disk images.   How would I make my own blank 500MB raw image to back up to?  (or custom size for the drive I am...
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    IIe compatibility card questions

    Is the Y cable needed? can I load IIe disk images right off the LC/color classic hard drive, or does this card only work with an external drive? (the cheap ones on ebay don't have the Y cable)
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    Bus error/bomb on SE/30 repeatable in one game

    Is there anything non-hardware related that would cause bus error/bomb restart? On Lode Runner everything is great, then I click start new game, all is good, then I click the mouse button and I get the bus error bomb.   I can let the demo run forever and start game, but as soon as I click the...
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    Early? Apple II found

    I was at my father in law's and he told me he found an old computer at a garage sale years ago. What a surprise to see it was an Apple Apple II A2S1-32624 Looks clean on the outside but I haven't opened it yet. Will post pics soon
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    SE/30 networking almost working, help

    OK I bought some SE/30's and re-capped one.  This one did not have a hard drive but I put in a 40GB quantum from another machine in the same lot. The machine booted straight up into 7.5.5 with no issues! yay.   Looks like this 7.5.5 is all that is installed.  This machine has the Asante...
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    SE/30 Missing HD, Bracket, and LED. What are my options

    I bought some SE/30's that are missing the hard drive, bracket, and LED I will be installing a 2.1GB SCA HD with 80 to 50 adapter. Questions: 1) Where do I connect an LED? I have a bunch of ATX PC LED's with 2 pin female header. Where would I connect this? Or was the LED originally...
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    68 pin Fast Scsi2 in an SE?

    Do I just get a 68 to 50 converter cable/board and connect to the internal 50 pin connection?  I would set the termination jumper on the drive.   Would this work? 
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    How do I make a system boot floppy on SE/SE30

    Hi I am new to the compact Macs and have a question: I have a working SE with hard drive and OS 7.5.3. and an SE/30 with only floppy drive.  I have blank 800k and 1.44 disks. How do I create a bootable system floppy disk using just the OS and a blank floppy? (With PC's you can create a...