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    Found a cousin to my SE/30

    Just picked up this portable tv from around early 2000’s. Almost seems like a far related family member, you can clearly see where they got their inspiration from. A small bummer was that it turned out to be 10” although the spec sheet said 9”. I guess due to the total/visible spec difference...
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    A ”holy grail” for me

    So happy to now own a //c with Swedish letters ”åäö”. I consider the industrial design of this setup to be iconic, and finding a SWE/FIN version just makes it so much more special for me. It would be super interesting to have a ballpark figure of how many might still be in existence, figure it’s...
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    Help to purchase IIc in France?

    Hi! I've been looking for a IIc monitor and stand for a while and have found a few decent deals in France. I've written a few sellers but I guess they think it's some kind of scam when a Swede writes them in english asking to ship to Sweden, as none have gotten back to me 😅. If there are any...
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    Snatched a Quicksilver. Unsure why.

    Couldn’t resist picking up this Quicksilver as it was only $10 and in great (working) shape. I’ve always considered this case design to be incredibly cool and reeeaaally wanted one back in the day. Got super excited when I picked it up, but once I got home it kind of dawned on me that I have no...
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    My SE/30 hates 16mb ram sticks

    I’m trying to upgrade my SE/30 with 16mb ram sims, but no matter what I try it refuses to boot as soon as I add them (jailbars and chime of death). I have two different sets of 16mb ram sticks (a total of 8). One set from Siliconinsider here on the forums, and a second set from Keystron which...
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    Any hope for this SE/30 mb?

    Hi! I recently bought a SE/30. Unfortunately it had been battery bombed, on what I believe to be two different occasions 😆. The previous owner had replaced the battery and hot glued a new one in place, which also failed. It now displays simasimac. See images 1&2 of what it looked like before...