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  1. Charlieman

    Serial Port Interrupts

    This is a Lazyweb request. Don't research it but answer if you know off the top of your head. The Mac Plus allegedly assigns a higher processor interrupt to the Modem port. Is this true, and does it apply to the earlier models? Does it apply to later models? My back of an envelope calculation...
  2. Charlieman

    PLI SuperFloppy 2.8

    I have just acquired one of these drives. It's a small SCSI box wrapped around an auto eject 2.8MB floppy drive that was sold early/mid 1990s for Macs and NeXT boxes. I have not found any info on how much the two versions differed -- I suspect it was down to the software bundle. I've tried it...
  3. Charlieman

    PCI to PCMCIA/CardBus Adapters

    I am looking for tips and links about using these in any PCI PowerMac. Ultimately, I'd like to try one in a Pippin (yes, I have the PCI adapter board, a selection of ROMs and RAM cards, external SCSI etc) to see how much further it might be stretched. The sort of questions for which I seek...
  4. Charlieman

    Orange PCI PC Card Software

    I'm looking for OrangePC software later than version 3.1.1. For experimentation, I've popped my OPC 620 into a PowerMac 8200 (currently upgrading to Mac OS 8.0 or 8.1, according to whim), but the card hates my 9600/G4 450 (OS 9.1 and lower) which I'd prefer to use.
  5. Charlieman


    I spotted a "SCSI DVD-RW" external drive on eBay that was selling at a reasonable price. The enclosure was definitely Wide SCSI but the mechanism was ATA/IDE. I took a punt on it for use with my G4 9600. It was a good bet. The drive was a decent NEC model attached to an Acard SCSI bridge...
  6. Charlieman

    Kennect Drive

    From personal notes: Kennect Technology For a couple of years, Kennect offered some interesting disk products which allowed the use of PC format disks with non-FDHD Macs and the creation of large, non-standard Mac floppy disks. Rapport is an adapter that connects to the external floppy drive...
  7. Charlieman

    UK 68KMLA Meetup

    Zerohour and I would like to invite all UK members to a meetup at the Museum of Computing in Swindon on Saturday 17th May 2008. If you follow the UK computer press, you may be aware that the museum has to find a new home shortly, so this may be a last chance to see the exhibits for a while...
  8. Charlieman

    Compact Mac back case buckets and labels

    Eric Rasmussen describes how to identify 128K and 512K Macs via the badge at the top of the rear case bucket. However, I am interested in different versions of the main back case label. This label photo is taken from a heavily upgraded 128K (M0001P model). I presume that the "512" addition in...
  9. Charlieman

    RAM test software

    I'm looking for something to test the RAM in my PowerMac 8600. At least one of the DIMMs is flaky, making the system unstable, but there are a lot of relatively small DIMMs in there (16MB, 32MB, 64MB, all matched pairs). Rather than spend all week swapping memory in and out, I'd like to try a...
  10. Charlieman

    SCSI for the 512K (or 128?)

    JDW raised an interesting point in the HD20 thread. The important thing to remember is that there were SCSI interfaces for compact Macs with 64KB ROMs. Do a search in Google groups for "John Bass", MacSCSI, Fastimes. Or just browse through net.micros.mac. MacSCSI was a free SCSI interface with...