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    SE30, desk picture, decor etc

    Is there a trick to getting those backgrounder apps like color desk, desk picture, decor to work on compacts? So far I've tried my classic, se and se30 and can't seem to get any of them to work. Spoke with a few others that can't get them working either. The built in ones murder my retinas...
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    Looking for daystar power cache control panel

    Hello, I am looking for a copy of DayStar Power Cache control panel, any version will do. If you have one, could you please upload it to Macintosh garden :) thanks!
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    SE/30 daystar p33 TS issues.

    Hey there, first post, long time lurker here. I recently bought on eBay, a daystar p33 universal 33mhz model accellerator card, and the Stratos Twinspark adapter from artmix.com. I am having an issue where the machine locks up solid if I try to run powercental 2.2 or power demo from system 7.1...