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  1. Charlieman

    Went to the Commodore Amiga 30th Anniversary event, came home with a new "Mac"

    I am unsurprised that your Amiga flickers but I am happy that it works in Mac mode.
  2. Charlieman

    Questions about LC040 and 16 bit bus

    The 16 bit memory bus and 10MB RAM limit (LC and Classic) were almost certainly marketing decisions. Here are some UK education prices for Macs in their lowest spec: LC I 2/40: £1065;  IIsi 2/40: £1606.50;  IIci 5/40: £2726.50;  IIfx 4/floppy: £2927 Classic I 1/floppy: £490; SE/30 2/40...
  3. Charlieman

    AppleVision Longevity

    Thanks, techknight, for the background info. But returning to the OP's question, what is the best way to run a CRT monitor? My understanding are that there are two failure modes: the CRT itself (requiring a CRT swap) and the associated circuitry (which is fixable, at a cost of time and parts)...
  4. Charlieman

    Daystar Digital Turbo601

    From my notes on the Turbo601 board: DayStar's Turbo 601 accelerator was designed for "any" Mac with a logic board with a IIci cache slot (IIci, IIvx, IIvi, Performa 600). The IIsi with a suitable PDS slot adapter was also supported.  The Turbo 601 was sold at two speeds, 66MHz and 100MHz...
  5. Charlieman

    Integrating an SE and SE/30 in my workflow

    Do you have a strategy for converting MacWrite Pro files into more modern formats? If you wish to use Zip drives. you'll need two: a SCSI model for the SE or SE/30, USB for a later Mac. If you can find an Ethernet card for either old Mac, wired file transfers are best done by FTP. It's a bit...
  6. Charlieman

    The old game of The Lawnmower Man 1995

    Mitel: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitel Michael and Terry established a company to make cordless electric lawnmowers but quickly recognised that they could make money in telecommunications.
  7. Charlieman

    Apple IIe Trade - IIGS

    And the packaging and the manual... Many Americans do not understand "the rest of the world". So when considering Apple II variants, we have to think about the Apple J-Plus. The J-Plus could present Japanese text on screen. But it wasn't Japanese text that most Japanese could read.
  8. Charlieman

    Apple IIe Trade - IIGS

    For the IIgs, you need a colour monitor for games (or GS/OS which is great). You need a 3.5" 800KB external floppy. If feeling rich, you'll fall for mass storage -- a SCSI card or modern alternative. It's an expensive change.
  9. Charlieman

    AAUI adapters and 10/100(/1000) Ethernet switches

    And it didn't kill me.
  10. Charlieman

    Local talk card

    There is no need for apology. I've bought great stuff because it was interesting. Few of us proclaim our failures. * I've bought two early Apple IIs which turned out to be crappy clones. That's fine. I have expensively boosted my pool of Apple II spare parts. * I have bought disappointing Mac...
  11. Charlieman

    Local talk card

    So it's an ISA card made in 1987 by ...itech using a chip from Logitech. In 1987, the Apple network players were Tri-Data Netway, Farallon and Tangent. Have you just mistaken a mouse card for a LocalTalk network card?
  12. Charlieman

    Newest Color Classics?

    You'd be amazed at some of the kit on offer in the UK at a discount in the 1990s. Twin floppy LCs? The SE/30 was available on education lists at full price for months after it was discontinued in the USA. The twin floppy LCs were discounted a bit but they were ridiculously overpriced. I reckon...
  13. Charlieman

    Formatting a fresh floppy...

    A colleague phoned me at work to tell me that he'd copied some files to a floppy disk. The student who owned the disk would pop along shortly for assistance of some kind. My colleague wasn't daft and knew how to copy files. The student turned up, opened out his pockets and dropped the floppy...
  14. Charlieman

    How to start a Portable?

    You must have a battery or a dummy installed. Also change the secondary 9V PP9 battery. About power supplies: The original power adapter (M5136) for the Portable provides a modest output -- 1.5A at 7.5V, a nominal 11W. The adapter's output is not sufficient to recharge a heavily discharged...
  15. Charlieman

    How to start a Portable?

    You have to press the "Any" key :) From my notes: The limited intelligence of the power management unit PMU) is a major annoyance. The PMU may refuse to boot the Portable even when all components are fully functional. Even when fitting a fully charged battery, the PMU may require occasional...
  16. Charlieman

    Formatting a fresh floppy...

    Disk Charmer by Fabrizio Oddone is a handy utility for formatting floppies and manipulating disk images. In my experience, it was effective at formatting good disks that had been formatted for the PC but which the Finder disliked. The versions for classic Mac OS were distributed via the Umich...
  17. Charlieman

    Download for Japanese Localization for System 7

    Japanese (and other) language support was one of the most important benefits of System 7.1. Have a look for Worldscript and Japanese Language Kit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WorldScript
  18. Charlieman

    Unknown card in PDS slot

    Agree 100%, Trash. It's time for the OP to run some software probes/diagnostics. Formac had a few mentions in UK Mac magazines in the 1990s but I don't have many. MacUser UK 6 Jan 1995 mentions an older accelerator for the LC family. It was the Formac Pro 50 (68030 50Mhz). Formac had a...
  19. Charlieman

    Unknown card in PDS slot

    No. Let's understand that we are talking about 68K accelerators. And about PDS slots, which are substitutes for the native processor. Accelerator boards tell the on-board processor to close down. No drivers required in the 68030 world. 
  20. Charlieman

    Unknown card in PDS slot

    @Macdrone: I understand that you might wish "proper builds" for some Macs. But unless I am doing something particularly stressful, I don't need it.   Mac System 7 onwards (before?) can be installed from AppleShare or from an external disk. You can insert Enablers into the installation package on...