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    G3 iMac 4X DVD (slot load) problems (678-0232)

    I found and read the excellent slot-loading rebuild guide, but that guide is really for the common problem of the discs not ejecting. I couldn't find any information on other types of failures - my problem is that CDs and DVDs no longer read successfully. When the CD or DVD successfully reads...
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    Print to HP Laserjet directly via serial (IIci or Mac Plus)

    I'm looking to connect either my IIci or Mac Plus to my HP Laserjet 4050 directly via serial. Is this possible to do without any special drivers? If so, does anyone have a cable pinout they can share? I've tried a few variations and not having any luck. I'm using the mini-DIN8 port with the...
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    Import files recognized as Classic App to Plus/Minivmac

    There are a variety of file types up on macintoshrepository.org and similar sites. I'm building a HD image on Mini vMac to use on a Mac Plus. I'm doing this on a Macbook pro running 10.13. .dmg files, .img, .dsk files are easy to mount directly in Mini vMac as disks and then you can just copy...
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    hello world in C on OS 6.0.8 in MPW 3.1

    I'm trying to write a simple Hello World! in C in MPW on my Mac Plus running 6.0.8. I've gotten as far as getting MPW 3.1 installed - I have the C compiler and the link linker.  I have what I believe are the right C libraries and interfaces - my program is the same as the one in the wiki...
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    IIe card in a Quadra 700?

    I've been trying to find out definitively whether the Quadra 700 supports a IIe card before buying one (the Quadra - I already have the IIe card). Anyone have experience with a IIe card on a Quadra 700? I read somewhere that the PDS slot in a Quadra 700 is not the LC type, and so the IIe card...
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    Moving files from OSX to Mac Plus 6.0.8 via FTP

    Hi all - I've revived a multi-year project to get my Mac Plus online via ethernet (Asante EN/SC) and have finally succeeded in getting it to speak IP natively! I expected it to be relatively easy to move files from the internet onto the machine, by hopping through my OSX laptop, but finding it...
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    Mac Plus Networking Question

    Hi all - appreciate any help or information you may have - I'm looking to get my 4MB Mac Plus speaking TCP/IP. I want to use it as a terminal to telnet to other hosts on an IP / Ethernet network. I have system 6.0.8, and an Asante EN/SC SCSI ethernet adapter. I am a networking guy, so once I...