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  1. tt

    Changing the Micron Xceed Grayscale CRT Resolution

    I think this may require some sort of a hack, so I'm posting here, but maybe this is a simple fix with an extension. One thing that is annoying about the video card is the default resolution is 512 x 341, which is one row off from the standard compact mac resolution of 512 x 342. I saw this a a...
  2. tt

    SCSI2SD Shutdown Issues with SE/30

    I have been trying to use either a SCSI2SD V5 or V6 with a SE/30 (with hacked ROM) and it would not shut down properly. I kept thinking it was the sequence in which I patched and upgraded to System 7.5.5 and then one time I had a real HDD (68 pin type) in the mix and then it was able to go to...
  3. tt

    Speed Doubler 8.1.2

    I am looking for the free update from 8.x to 8.1.2 from the now defunct Connectix. If you have a copy, please post or send a PM, thanks!
  4. tt

    PDS Angle Adapter

    Here is another brainstorm topic if anyone has some comments into technical issues with this idea. I am trying to see if I can adapt the PDS pass-through slot on the Asante MacCon SE/30 / IIsi card that has the PDS slot going the wrong direction for the SE/30. Gamba outlined the issues here...
  5. tt

    Fabbing 30 pin SIMMs

    I was wondering about the feasibility of making new 30-pin SIMMs and wanted to see what thoughts members here might have. Finding 16MB modules can be bit tough if you have space constraints like within the SE/30 chassis. Could making our own be feasible without being too expensive? trag...
  6. tt

    Using SCSI, CompactFlash, and OS X

    I have an Artmix AztecMonster SCSI to CF adapter, and having some issues with data/disk stability. I was hoping to be able to use the CF cards to be able to conveniently transfer data between my MacBook Pro running 10.6 (with MacFUSE), and my SE/30. When I transfer data from my laptop...
  7. tt

    MESS Emulator Setup?

    I am trying to use the MESS emulator for some ROM testing, and I am having a pretty difficult time getting it to work (Mac OS X 10.6). :?: I am using the version from http://www.macmess.org/. I tried the gui version and it just shows a small blank window and the SDL version in terminal...
  8. tt

    16MB SE/30 RAM SIMMs

    I ordered some RAM SIMMs and was sent some that are the 3 chip type (after insisting on low-profile SIMMs), and I was wondering if anyone knows if they are ok to use in the long run. I installed them and they boot OK. These are fairly low-profile. In general. there are a few different...
  9. tt

    Playing DOOM on an SE/30

    I tried it the other night... it worked. Specs are '030 @ 50MHz and Micron Xceed internal gray-scale. There are two video modes, large and small. In small mode, the refresh rate was fine and usable, but in large mode, the frame rate dropped significantly. The graphics aren't really optimized...
  10. tt

    Surface Mount Capacitors

    I was looking for replacements to recap an SE/30 motherboard, and noticed that Panasonic has announced new type (Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor) of electrolytic capacitors that are supposed to be longer-life and higher reliability due to a different design. They are...
  11. tt

    IIci ROM in SE/30

    Besides the benefit of having a 32-bit clean ROM, an SE/30 can boot off of a CD-ROM drive by holding Command+C at start-up. I tried it with an Apple Legacy CD and it proceded to boot as far as the install could. I also could read CD's without the CD-ROM extension installed. Another thing I...
  12. tt

    Mobius Speedster 040 in an SE/30

    I was wondering, does someone here have experience using a Mobius Speedster with an SE/30? I have one I would like to test out, but I don't want to risk damage to my system. I have a DayStar IIsi adapter that I can use, but I don't recall seeing any accounts that they are compatible.
  13. tt

    Glowing Flyback Transformer

    I noticed the flyback transformer on the analog transformer of my SE/30 has a crack that is glowing (top of the cylinder). Does this mean it is going to fail? Should I stop using it? Anyone have a spare?
  14. tt

    Daystar Universal PowerCache Clone?

    It has been mentioned before, sort of sparked by JDW's find, but I thought I would add this topic to kick-off discussion of possibly reverse engineering the board or other similar boards. Here is a lower-resolution version of the original x-ray image I have. It was automatically composited by...
  15. tt

    Shareware Collections

    When I was a wee lad, I would sometimes go to Weird Stuff at it's original location off of Lawrence Expressway across one of the early Fry's Electronic's store. Weird Stuff was an amazing place at that time and after it moved it was never quite the same. I remember going through binders that...
  16. tt

    Some sort of space game

    I am trying to figure out the name of a game that I played on my mac plus. It was purchased at a CompUSA, so I am guessing it was somewhat known. It was a space game where it started out with a triangularish ship going through a channel between rocky terrain on either side of the screen. The...
  17. tt

    DigiDesign Sound Accelerator for Mac SE/30

    I just acquired the DigiDesign Sound Accelerator Mac SE/30 and I was wondering if anyone here has previous experience with it. I have not installed it yet, but I have looked into its features, I could not find a lot of information about it through a web search. The board has a Motorola XSP5700...
  18. tt

    Burn CDs with a Compact

    I have an external AppleCD 600e. Would it be possible to convert this drive to a CD burner to burn CDs with an SE/30 or other compact mac? Any recommendations on what model drive would work best?
  19. tt

    Possible, Perhaps, Maybe Legendary Conquest

    In storage somewhere, perhaps a storage unit, bus locker, trunk, possessed by someone who I don’t have the name of yet: Mac Classic 1mb Apple I (unmodded) Lisa XL or maybe some variant Transparent SE Original Mac with “Twiggy” floppy drive I’ll keep everyone posted. :o)
  20. tt

    Clip Art & Buttons

    I am working on a HyperCard stack, and I was wondering if anyone can point me toward any 1-bit clipart collections. I am specifically looking for button icons that look like hardware switches, buttons, and dials. Other collections would also be interesting.