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  1. mkinn

    Rom 3 GS won't save Control panel changes, but keeps time

    Replaced the 3.6VDC Lithium Battery, + toward the back, keeps time perfectly, but won't save Baud rate changes or Mouse tracking speed settings. I press Return after changes to save, but they're gone after a power cycle or reboot. Same for CDA/NDA changes. No mention of this in Owner's or any...
  2. mkinn

    Printing from Win 10 to an Imagewriter II or LQ?

    I found the driver Here: http://semantic.gs/apple_imagewriter_ii_driver_download_2016 found the cable here...
  3. mkinn

    Need Imagewriter LQ discs, 1 - 3, and Imagewriter II/LQ Appletalk disc.

    Found the Imagewriter II/LQ Appletalk networking disc there, but not the 3 discs which came with the printer there. Thank you VERY MUCH for that one! Were any of these discs included on the Developer series CD's?
  4. mkinn

    Need Imagewriter LQ discs, 1 - 3, and Imagewriter II/LQ Appletalk disc.

    I own 3 of these printers, one with the network option, and I need to install these discs to make them work. Any help, images, download locations welcome. Have Paypal and Visa, whatever you want, or trade for.
  5. mkinn

    Apple ImageWriter LQ Black ribbon A9G0335 ?

    Anybody remember which C.Itoh printer uses this ribbon? looking for a link to some newly made ones. I found some new ribbons a while back, but now, all i find are N.O.S, and probably dried up, or the ink no longer has any lubricating qualities left in it.
  6. mkinn

    WTB Apple 2Z691-5025-A and 2Z691-5535-A 2 DVD set for G5 Quad power mac

    Looking for images, copies, or the original 1 DVD set that came with certain dual and quad core PPC power macs. DVD 1 has a hardware test that's hard to find for this model. Please PM me.
  7. mkinn

    ImageWriter LQ take apart/repair

    I cannot find the 2 extra files (that are hyperlinked at the end) that must have came (on a floppy?) with the Apple LQ service manual that contain the parts list and the take apart section, so, no parts or take apart procedure exists on the internet. I bought a new print head, same problem as...
  8. mkinn

    Apple IIgs System 6.0.2

    Now, all we need are some WHITE 3.5" DS DD discs and some scans of the 6.01 disc labels. You can use Illustrator or some other program to clean up the scan and change the 6.01 to 6.02. We can then make our own REAL discs and labels that look like the originals! I am one of those weirdos who...
  9. mkinn

    IIgs CD burning?

    I just figured that since it can read at 1X, it can't be much harder to write a CD at 1X. Has anyone tried to copy a CD to an HFS-formatted drive large enough to hold it? (800MB or larger)? Could this image be mounted using Mount-It or some other program? Please explain this. Is there any Cd...
  10. mkinn

    IIgs CD burning?

    Is there a program that will burn files to a SCSI CD recorder, which CD ROM drive should I buy, and how does one do this, if at all? I realize that there is a table of contents, finalize process, etc., but this should be, in theory, possible. The redbook CD-R data rate is 4.3218Mb/sec. Will...
  11. mkinn

    Quadra 950 Quick Start Guide?

    I can't find an owner's manual anywhere using Ebay, Google, Bing, etc. Please suggest an alternate source for this item. Also need advice on SSD drive performance vs real HDD's, max throughput specs, vs price, and is it worth it? For use in classroom/teaching/demos
  12. mkinn

    Need stepper motor gear on 800K IIGS floppy

    Hi to you all! I have an A9M0106 800K floppy drive bought off ebay, worked twice, then quit. Broken tiny white plastic gear on stepper motor shaft, Sony stepper motor. Anybody got one? Paypal, Visa, or I'll send you a check. I've also got another one that won't read at all, just spins...