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  1. jeremywork

    Fastest Nubus Video Card Redux

    I had this question when I was getting started, and it's come up fairly often since. In the case of Quadras it's generally good advice that onboard video will offer a better experience than any Nubus card can, excepting resolution/color depth or featureset. For this reason I started testing with...
  2. jeremywork

    QuickTime Video Conferencing ISDN DAV Kit

    I think my first post of this was lost so I'm re-adding the photos, plus I found a second loose card from Japan which is slightly different. This one's processor seems to have a removable daughtercard, but it seems to be stuck enough that I don't feel comfortable removing it.
  3. jeremywork

    Daystar Quadra 900/950 Adapter (Slot-free adapter for Quad 040 and Image 040 PDS cards)

    I've gotten around to testing this board, which is advertized as compatible with Daystar's 'Quad 040' or 'Image 040' CPU upgrades which otherwise consume the PDS slot. It presents what looks like a second 040 PDS slot above the built-in one. I bought it sealed in retail packaging, though I don't...
  4. jeremywork

    Sixty Eight Thousand Inc revival thread

    I don't know why I forgot about this one, but it was another we lost last year. Here's all the source material I can remember posting, and some new since then. Back in February 2021, a seller liquidated what appeared to be the remaining cache of RMA and test cards from the inventory of Sixty...
  5. jeremywork

    Remnants of the pre-crash BUG Pickles thread

    I didn't mean to wait so long to post this back up, but despite losing the thread I think I have most of the attachments saved locally. Sincere apologies if any of this is misattributed. Hope it helps to have it back! --- I think @Nathan_A was the thread initiator, with a post about a Rev D...
  6. jeremywork

    x86 card revival thread

    Well I tried to recreate this faithfully but the posting system here won't allow posts over 10k characters, nor will it allow me to upload a docx file. For lack of a better idea, here's a zip of an HTML version of the word doc :/ At least everything from the top post of the old thread is in...
  7. jeremywork

    Macintosh 19" Color Display - Vaporware?

    I noticed a number of official references to a Macintosh 19" Color Display (circa 1994, mostly in service manuals for the x100 series machines.) Supposedly a 1024x768 tube, though I can't seem to find any evidence that it ever existed...
  8. jeremywork

    Thunder II GX 1360 - Needs minor repair

    I got extremely lucky this week and found a SuperMac Thunder II card, listed Buy-it-now on eBay for $30, sold tested to top it off. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SuperMac-Thunder-II-GX-1360-NuBus-Graphics-Card/283800247264 Unfortunately the packaging was minimal, and it lost a couple components...
  9. jeremywork

    Lessons from Quadra, PDS, and DOS adventures

    I finally acquired a Reply extender for my DOS card- the original Reply card (without the Vibra 16 module, so maybe Houdini I) was also included with a Cyrix DX2-66, but several components were burned away on the back of the board, so I swapped it for the Houdini II with an Intel DX2-66 I...