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    Performa 575 Issues

    Firstly, I have no prior experience with these systems and couldn't find a manual (or really any information at all) online. That said, my 575 boots to a question mark.  I've been trying to boot from a CD-RW in the CD-ROM drive, but that doesn't seem to work (and when I eject the CD, it's still...
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    Apple ][ Plus Soldering

    Apologies in advance if this is just rehashing common knowledge - I have done research but I'm honestly paranoid that I'll break the computer or that there's some info I've missed that is essential for working on older machines. A while ago I got an Apple ][ Plus which, despite being working...
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    Apple ][ Plus Woes

    I just got an Apple ][ Plus, but the monitor doesn't work - I need to hold the v-sync dial further than it actually goes in order to see a picture (Comrex video monitor).  So I connected it to a projector and got it to show Apple ][, but nothing else.  I also couldn't get the disk drive to work...
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    PowerMac G5 Power Cord

    This is likely a very dumb question, but I got a PowerMac G5 without a power cord and was wondering if I could use any power cord with it (I have a couple of generic power cords that fit).  Is there anything special about the apple power cord?
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    Value of Apple IIc?

    I have found an Apple IIc for sale, but being a novice to collecting, would like to get other's opinions.  The computer (A2S4000, if that helps at all), comes with a ColorMonitor, Scribe Printer, ProDOS, DOS 3.3, an external disk drive, manuals, and boxes.  What's a reasonable price? Thanks in...