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  1. Fizzbinn

    Rayovac 4.5 battery replacement hack

    I’ve previously used a 3 AAA battery holder to replace the dead Rayovac 4.5v “Computer Clock Battery” in a couple of my Macs. After some chat discussions I thought I’d try something different for my Performa 575, especially after noticing that in the Macintosh LC 520/550/575 Service Source doc...
  2. Fizzbinn

    PowerBook 500 Series plastic retainer bar?

    I've got two PowerBook 540c (one with a Newer 117 PPC upgrade!) with the same problem, their "plastic retainer bar" that secures their Daughterboard EMI shields are broken. This means the heat sink on the shield doesn't make the best contact with the CPU since the two middle screws aren't able...
  3. Fizzbinn

    UMAX SuperMac C series CacheDoubler

    I thought I'd post some pictures of the UMAX SuperMac C series CacheDoubler card I got off eBay not too long ago, there doesn't seem to be many pictures out there. The CacheDoubler has 1MB of "inline" cache running at 80Mhz, double the logic board bus speed that L2 cache installed there runs at...
  4. Fizzbinn

    PowerBook Duo 230 repair and preventive maintenance

    *** This content is from a thread lost in the 6/30/2021 outage. I'm reposting attempting to include info (if not images) posted by others. *** ** @Fizzbinn 5/3/2021 ** A while ago I picked up a cheap Duo 230 with a cracked screen that was otherwise working, been on the lookout for parts...
  5. Fizzbinn

    6360/6400/6500 L2 Cache modules

    *** This content is from a thread lost in the 6/30/2021 outage. I'm reposting attempting to include all info (if not images) posted by others. *** ** 3/28/2021 ** @Fizzbinn I picked up a 6500/275 motherboard off eBay for reasonable price, I’ve been playing around with upgrades for my 6360 and...
  6. Fizzbinn

    PB 5xx original AC adapter re-cap & modern replacement

    *** Originally posted 5/31/2021, reposting due to outage. Thankfully the text was in Bing Cache. *** The PowerBook AC Adapter (M1893) I got off eBay worked for about 2 days, at least I now know the "sold for parts" PowerBook 540c I got earlier works (and came with a 32MB RAM card!) Getting out...
  7. Fizzbinn

    LC, LC III, Quadra 605 TDK Power Supply Re-cap

    *** Originally posted 4/11/2021, reposting due to outage. Thankfully the text was in Google Cache. *** I finally got around to re-capping the TDK power supplies in my two original LC's, LC III and Quadra 605. There is a bunch of info in different threads and on other sites but thought others...
  8. Fizzbinn

    Quadra/LC/Performa 630 Power Supply Re-cap

    Reposting from archive.org, thanks @SuperSVGA (https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/2021-07-05-site-is-back-migrated-to-xenforo.38350/post-415052) I haven't been able to find much in the way of re-capping info for the power supply for the Quadra 630, LC 630, Performa 630 series machines so...
  9. Fizzbinn

    G4 Mac Mini replacement optical drive

    My G4 Mac mini's superdrive seems to be on its last legs (CDR burns failing, weird noises...). Anyone have any hints on how to look for a replacement (CD-RW, combo or superdrive, DVDs aren't that important to me). Know any OEM model numbers? Seems like finding a non-Apple labeled model might be...
  10. Fizzbinn

    2400c - How to keep it working?

    I took the plunge and picked up a a working PowerBook 2400c/180 of Ebay recently. Any tips on what to check, what to do to keep it functioning? Capacitors an issue?
  11. Fizzbinn

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    So I’m thinking I got nice bonus with a rev 2 beige G3 motherboard I picked off eBay. Can anyone confirm if this Orange Micro FireWire/USB PCI card is the one that will work in my Performa 6360?
  12. Fizzbinn

    PowerBook LCD backlight replacement

    I have a PowerBook 100 recapped (motherboard and screen) and now happily working except for a broken (as in snapped glass bulb) backlight lamp. Aside from finding/buying a donor machine has anyone had luck finding modern replacements for old powerbook backlights? Google found me these guys...
  13. Fizzbinn

    IIci Cache Card

    I finally got around to replacing the two 22µf 25V capacitors on my IIci cache card but still get chimes of death when trying to boot with it installed. The old caps had clearly leaked but I didn’t see any other real damage they could have caused. Anyone have any better luck bringing one of...
  14. Fizzbinn

    IIci with Maxell bomb damage

    Bought a IIci setup (including AppleColor High Resolution RGB Monitor, Extended Keyboard II, mouse, and all cables) off Craigslist for $50. Woo-hoo.  :ii:   I wonder what will be inside! (Foreshadowing), maybe a DayStar ’040! Posting said it wouldn’t boot but figured it could be another recap...
  15. Fizzbinn

    CD-R/CD-RW drive for IDE pre OS X Macs?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an IDE PATA CD-R/CD-RW drive for pre OS X Macs?  I’d like to replace the 24x CD-ROM drive in my beige G3 tower with one that will work in Mac OS 9 via Apple’s native authoring tools and/or Toast. 
  16. Fizzbinn

    Belkin F5U015 USB to SCSI adapter drivers

    Anyone have (or know where I can find) Mac OS 8/9 drivers for a Belkin F5U015 USB to SCSI adapter?  The manual seems to imply they existed: https://usermanual.wiki/Belkin/BelkinF5U015TpwUsersManual230843.2045899695.pdf I also wonder if these turn of the century USB to SCSI adapters used the...
  17. Fizzbinn

    Full 68040 for Quadra 605

    Thinking about the best way to upgrade my Quadra 605 cpu to a non-LC version that will support running at 33Mhz (overclocking seems like a not to difficult jumper re-soldering project) I see see there are “XC” and “MC” versions of the full 68040 rated at 25 and 33Mhz...