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  1. reallyrandy

    Mac IIci rebooting every 5 seconds

    I have a Mac IIci that was having sound issues (really quiet, could hardly hear it) so I recapped it last night (while watching Mac84's live cast). Today I put it back together with only four 1 MB chips in bank A and left out the cache card and battery and left the top off the case. I hooked it...
  2. reallyrandy

    Troubleshooting SE/30 garbled screen, no chime before and after recap

    Any ideas? I didn't replace the axials because they still look good. I have a working SE, can I put the SE/30 board in the SE to see if it works there? Are they interchangeable?
  3. reallyrandy

    Has anyone gotten a firewire card working on a Beige G3 running 8.6?

    I've tried an Adaptec AFW-4300 and an IOGear GIC430F and neither work. I've tried Firewire enabler 2.33, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.8.3. The System Profiler sees the card and Card Type, Model and Vendor ID are displayed but Card Model and ROM# are not. The IOGear says it's compatible with OS 8.6 and a Blue...
  4. reallyrandy

    Dark spot on iLamp LCD

    I have 2 iLamps, one 700mhz and one 800mhz. Both of them have a dark spot in the same place about 4cm from the bottom right of the screen. Does anyone know what causes this? Any fixes? Maybe something pushing on it from behind? I've seen it in other iLamps too.
  5. reallyrandy

    iMac g4 bottom case cover spacer puck?

    I don't really know what to call this thing but it's glued to the inside of the iMac G4 bottom case cover. It seems to be made of some sort of silicone or teflon or something soapy feeling. Anyway, this thing pretty much disintegrated on one of my iMacs. I want to replace it because it's a...
  6. reallyrandy

    LC Astec PSU Cap Map

    I just drew this out because I couldn't find one. Maybe some of you could use it.
  7. reallyrandy

    Photo of Mac Plus analog board showing cap sizes?

    Does anyone know where I can find a Mac Plus analog board photo with cap placement like the reference pics on recapamac.com.au?
  8. reallyrandy

    Mac II drive sled photo?

    I have a Mac II with no hard drive in it. I want to restore it as close to original as possible. Does anyone have a photo of the original drive mounting method in a Mac II?
  9. reallyrandy

    Yet Another LC PSU thread - How to test with a multi-meter?

    I have a TDK and an Astec PSU for my 2 LCIIs. Both are completely dead. I could just re-cap and hope for the best but Id' like some guidance on testing voltages with a multi-meter. How can I tell what the voltages are coming out of the PSU? Also, I have lots of hardware reference books but none...
  10. reallyrandy

    Are there any SCSI2SD v5 available anywhere?

    I'm looking for a mounting bracket just to keep it from touching metal while I'm using it.
  11. reallyrandy

    Starting a Mac Plus restoration. Need a new flyback wire with anode cap

    This poor thing has been in storage since the early 90s. I was gonna use it as a donor Mac but it turns out I don't need any parts from it. So, I decided to try and resurrect it. I plugged it in with my Floppy EMU to try a boot and just got clicking from the PSU (not surprised). I started...
  12. reallyrandy

    Mac Plus beeps, then nothing… occasional reboot beeps at random intervals

    I have my original Mac Plus that I bought in 1986. It's been in storage for about a year. I just took it out and tried to boot it and got a beep and then nothing. I have a 6.0.8 boot floppy in the drive but then I hooked up my Floppy Emu and it lights up but keeps going in to self test mode...
  13. reallyrandy

    IIci sound is really quiet

    I just fired up my IIci after about a year in storage (climate controlled). I'm noticing the sound is barely audible. I have it cranked all the way up and can just barely hear it. The startup chime is nice and loud though. Any suggestions what to check for?
  14. reallyrandy

    17" Studio Display with ADC>DVI adapter with a Raspberry Pi

    Hi, I have a 17" Studio Display with a DVI to ADC adapter. It works fine on my 2015 Macbook Pro plugged into the HDMI port. I'm using a DVI to HDMI converter. When I plug it in to my Retro Pi it gets no signal at all. The monitor power comes on when the Pi turns on so I know its recognizing it...
  15. reallyrandy

    7.1 vs 7.5.3 on a Color Classic

    Hi all, I'm setting up my new Color Classic and it came with 7.1 on it so I copied 7.5.3 to my SCSI2SD and replaced the OS with the newer one. I immediately noticed a significant slow down in boot time and general response. Is 7.5.3 that much slower than 7.1? or is there something I'm missing...
  16. reallyrandy

    Just bought a Color Classic, no power

    I just received my new color classic and plugged it in and no power, no led, no nothing. I pulled the MB and saw that the battery had been taken out. Will a CC boot with no battery at all? Could that be the problem? What else should I look at? The pics on ebay showed the computer running with a...
  17. reallyrandy

    Can someone post a pic of a Mac II drive sled?

    I just picked up a sweet Mac II from pathw that needs a hard drive sled. I could fashion one from sheet metal or just print one but I'm trying to restore everything to original. I just wanna know what the original looked like. Probably the same sled as the IIx and the IIfx. Thanks
  18. reallyrandy

    0F0004 error on 128k

    I'm reviving and restoring a 128k. When I boot from a floppy, I got a 0F0064 error after reading the floppy and giving a smily face. I assumed the floppy was bad so I tried a few more and got the same thing. Then I read that the 128 would only boot from System 3.2. So pulled out a system 1.1...
  19. reallyrandy

    512k Floppy Drive won't eject

    I have a 512k that I'm restoring and the floppy reads fine but will not eject. When I manually eject with a paper clip, the disk gets stuck and won't come out. So I cracked the case and removed the drive and carefully removed the disk without damaging it. When I manually push the eject tab, the...
  20. reallyrandy

    128k > 512k bezels interchangeable?

    I have a 128k that USPS smashed up pretty badly. Can I use a 512k front bezel on it? Are they interchangeable?