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  1. joshc

    Macally iShock II - Mac OS 9 support?

    I've got an iShock II gamepad and I was hoping to use it for some OS 9 gaming but from what I can tell, it only supports OS X. Is this true? I've tried to get it working with USB Overdrive under OS 9 but it doesn't seem to be working, hopefully I'm just doing something obvious wrong.
  2. joshc

    Mac IIfx manuals / accessories / packing list

    Does anyone know exactly which manuals/accessories were packed with a IIfx? If anyone has a IIfx packing list, that would be helpful. I found these photos from someone who got a boxed/sealed IIfx but I don't have photos of everything. You can see a little pile of stuff there under the Thanks...
  3. joshc

    Fixing an Orbit ADB trackball

    I found a cheap Orbit ADB trackball but it's seen better days. I want to repair it so it at least functions OK. The rubber rollers (is that what they're called?) are perished - where can replacements be found?
  4. joshc

    Cooling options for a fully loaded IIfx

    My IIfx is fully loaded with cards, and it does run a bit toasty in there. As it stands, it's got the stock power supply fan (it is a IIfx PSU as well, not a II or IIx one). That needs replacing anyway as it is too loud. The cards are: Radius Rocket Stage I Radius Thunder GT/24 SuperMac...
  5. joshc

    Paint colour for Quadra 650 case?

    I have a 650 case that has seen better days, it has some rust and scratches. I'm planning to sand it down, prime it and repaint it. Does anyone know of a paint that matches the original colour fairly closely?
  6. joshc

    Cache SIMM error Power Mac 6100

    Has anyone ever had an error at boot that says: "The built-in memory test has detected a problem with the cache SIMM. Please contact a service technician for assistance." This appears after the Happy Mac/Welcome to Macintosh screen and before the main extensions loading screen when booting...
  7. joshc

    Third party power supplies in compact II series Macs

    Some time ago, I read about third party PSUs being a thing back when these Macs were current. The IIci power supply in particular was known to be troublesome and so back in the day, you could apparently buy a third party one from various suppliers. I cannot remember which book I read about this...
  8. joshc

    joshc conquests

    Thought it's about time I made an actual conquests thread rather than separate ones. My most recent acqusition was a sad looking Colour Classic sold as non working. I had a gut feeling it would probably power on, assuming the seller just didn't know how to switch one of these on. Well, it...
  9. joshc

    180c blank screen

    I'm thinking of buying a 180c but the seller says it has a blank screen but it does chime. What is the likely cause of this, caps and/or a bad display cable is my guess? Anything else to look out for with a 180c?
  10. joshc

    7100 no video

    Got a 7100 that won't output video. It chimes, the CPU gets warm and the BART chip (NuBus controller) gets warm, nothing else seems to. Tried two different NuBus cards, PDS video card and onboard video (HDI-45) with no luck. I have done the following: - Replaced all electrolytic capacitors...
  11. joshc

    Rack mounted 7100 with audio stuff and interesting NuBus cards

    An unusal rack mounted 7100 popped up on eBay. Clearly it was used for music production as I could tell it had a Digidesign AudioMedia card and who else would rack mount a 7100? I was the only bidder and I collected it today. The seller threw in a bunch of audio equipment too, a Digidesign...
  12. joshc

    Macintosh Portable

    So I went a did a silly thing which was buy a Portable. I've avoided them for years. Heard the horror stories about dead screens, dead hybrid modules, battery problems, yada yada yada... Anyway, I ignored all the sensible reasons to not own one and bought it anyway. Non-working and...
  13. joshc

    Saved another IIfx

    A rough looking IIfx popped up on eBay US with extraordinardly cheap postage to Europe so I took a gamble. I probably spent more than I should have for a non-working machine, but it's a IIfx so... I couldn't resist. I couldn't see the PRAM batteries directly and the machine was very dirty so...
  14. joshc

    What software is this?

    I bought a Wacom ArtPad II from Japan and it came with this software in the box, but I haven't been able to find out what it is and it doesn't seem to be on the Mac Garden. If anyone wants it, they can have it for the cost of shipping from the UK.
  15. joshc

    Scored a beat up Quadra 950

    Finally bought a Quadra 950. It's beat up, the Maxell battery did some damage to the RAM/RAM slots, and its very dirty. Oh, and it has a 601 card. It arrives later in the week. Fingers crossed I can get it going again. Some photos from the eBay listing...
  16. joshc

    Reducing noise in a 7100 - thoughts?

    Has anyone attempted fan replacement or other endeavours to reduce the noise of a 7100? The 7100 has a front fan blowing air onto the 601 CPU, this is a 60x60x20mm fan. The fan itself doesn't seem to be too noisy, but the way air moves around the metal case seems to cause a bit of noise. The...
  17. joshc

    Sony CR-45S IIfx PSU recap guide/list

    Has anyone got a list of capacitors used in the Sony CR-45S power supply from the IIfx? Mine is working but I am considering a pre-emptive recap. If there is no existing guide/list (already searched, couldn't find one), I can open mine and add a list here. Thanks
  18. joshc

    Falling in love with a 660AV

    I picked up a 660AV as part of my last Mac haul, and quickly forgot about it. I was already working through another backlog created by a previous haul, and the 660AV just wasn't on the priority list. It sat in the shed for a bit, I eventually recapped the logic board and got distracted by other...
  19. joshc

    Cheap Classic

    I picked up a cheap spares/repair Classic off ebay which has clearly seen better days. I did not need another Classic. I did not need another Mac. But none of that matters, it needed saving. I already know the CRT neck is smashed but the logic board/analog board are supposed to be "ok". Some...
  20. joshc

    Troubleshooting a IIsi Sony APS-06 Power supply - blown capacitor caused by bad diodes in series with C105

    This post is a recreation of a previous troubleshooting thread (lost in the recent forum crash) where I had some problems identifying the cause of a blown capacitor in a recapped Sony APS-06 from a Macintosh IIsi. The exact PSU in question: I used the correct value capacitor and it was...