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  1. Trash80toHP_Mini

    128K upgrade developer chimed in . . . what upgrade . . . where's thread?

    Can't remember what the upgrade was, but the guy that developed it was contacted and chimed in with info about it. Does anyone recall that upgrade board, the thread or search terms I might use to find it? :unsure:
  2. Trash80toHP_Mini

    TAM/6500/5500 - Does video upgrade to 1024x768 support Apple Video Player at that res?

    Curious about that, Alchemy's 16" MaxRes doesn't, but its VGA 800x600 supports it in a window IIRC? TAM does, no? Gazelle's 1024x768, another VGA, standard, might be different story? I'd think it ought to support AVP in a window or even at full screen on the TAM's feature wish list had they...
  3. Trash80toHP_Mini

    AirPort Card hung up, case won''t open! Any suggestions? DA & QS'02, same memory type?

    I'd guess my Digital Audio & QS'02 use same memory type? Gotta get everything moved over and buttoned up quickly. TIA
  4. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Another incorrect spec. eBay arrival today, its not WUXGA as listed, it's 1440p!

    I thought I'd killed my 1920x1200 WUXGA display whilst moving everything around (more on that later) and was making do using my rack mounted 42" 1080p panel for the time being. What a mess! Hit eBay and found a 27" panel. I've been using a really nice 24" and thought what the heck, it less than...
  5. Trash80toHP_Mini

    A/B and Flyback issue futureproofing from the other side of the Looking Glass?

    Let it be known, I have very little in the way of knowledge and no competency whatsoever to have a go at this at all, but what I do usually have I'd call a wicked, and truly twisted viewpoint that may or may not have merit in this instance. :p I'm surveying the floor of the arena and it seems...
  6. Trash80toHP_Mini

    BlackMagicalBus™ for Memory/PDS Subassembly of reduced footprint LCIII in Classic Project, etc.

    Roots or this craziness to be found in the MagicalBus™ thread for the budding LCIII in SE project. PDS dungeon breakout required fot that one, but it's only a one way street. Inspiration for that was Radius' fabulous Magic Bus implemented as an adapter card for what was built into their SE...
  7. Trash80toHP_Mini

    PowerPortable/G3 - 17" TPD Graphics Workstation circa 1997 - it all fits!

    The short of it: tested some previz in the real world today. Kinda reminds me of A1 pics? CD is a must have, likely fixed in place. Next step is to see jus how low I can take the angle. It's lower profile than the Luggable already, but it can go lower yet. If I can rig the Trackball to...
  8. Trash80toHP_Mini

    MagicalBus™ - PDS reimagined in 68000/68020/68030 compatible form.

    Been playing around with reverse engineering boards here and there and something twisted up in my head this morning. Inspiration would be the Radius Magic Bus™ setup for the SE with FPD and TPD cards: Pie hole in the front is too constraining for reverse engineered boards headed into the...
  9. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Reverse Engineering a NetBook's Logic board I/O Connector setup for RPi Classic Mac Emulation Platform etc..

    Intro became a bit of a rant , but I went with it. :rolleyes: Not ready to hack my inspiration, the gorgeous HP_Mini that got me back online and here again after several years AWOL. That black beauty was so reminiscent of my beloved Duo Systems that it spoke to me at first sight and was love at...
  10. Trash80toHP_Mini

    VGA->Arduino->Mac Portable LCD

    Crazy notion of the day: Can this cute little puppy be trained to run in reverse? credit: https://dqydj.com/arduino-640x480-vga/ Goal would be capturing a 640x400 60Hz VGA compatible RGB feed for outputting 8bit digital input for the Luggable's LCD? Four years ago this was a crazy...
  11. Trash80toHP_Mini

    LCIII frame buffer capture from card in VRAM SIMM slot?

    Notion here is that a capture card in the VRAM SIMM Slot of the LCIII could monitor/capture/make use of data as it is written into the onboard VRAM frame buffer setup. Dunno if it would need a mod to the board or not, I don't think VRAM is addressed as distinct banks like DRAM using CAS/RAS...
  12. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Conquest: $50 Crafstman HackStation Deluxe edition . . .

    Needs a custom base unit and a slide out drawer runner'd worktop with grounded metal/antistatic surface setup, but I'll be able to fit 5 Compacts or what-not hack victims and goodies across the rolling shelf bottomed support. :) . . . with current projects already in place. Lower cabinets...
  13. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Project30 - fourth edition - Radius IIsi NuBus Adapter build for SE/30?

    Five years and two days to the date, Project30 is back on the bench thanks to new developments. Replace the IIsi NuBus Adapter in this pic from back then . . . . . . with this card we found at the time . . . . . . add the 40MHz clock from the former to the Radius adapter and...
  14. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh IIsi Logic Board

    Quick question about this one. Are layer count, complexity or board size problematic? If not, the board seems like it might be worth doing in its original form and factor. But to me it seems to be a far more flexible platform for spinning off upgraded derivatives than anything else in the...
  15. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Lisa: active area diagonal of CRT? 10.4" or thereabouts?

    All I have is the 3.5" Sony front bezel, wondering if this LCD will fill the bill? https://www.ebay.com/itm/202761534614
  16. Trash80toHP_Mini

    27" Apple Thunderbolt Display: earliest Thunderbolt Macs? Do they support Tiger/Classic?

    Been playing with the 27" Thunderbolt Display I found sitting next to the recycling dumpster of my apartment complex. Given its placement, I'm guessing it's probably in working order, if outdated and cranky about input. It charges the RAM lacking MBP someone at work gave me, so that's a very...
  17. Trash80toHP_Mini

    KVM Switch and Display for pre-ADB Macs?

    Several current projects around here were swirling around in my noggin this morning, this popped up: How to share my putty colored MAC-101 KBD with my Plus menagerie and maybe a future (my first Mac) 512K? _ we've been looking at ye olde Mac video output a la CatMac/Hackintosh again lately _...
  18. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Convert IDE Zip, CD-ROM, etc. to LVD-SCSI with IBM aCard AEC-7722

    Got one of these on eBay for about $21 do something stupid/silly with as usual. :rolleyes: Now wondering if it might be of practical use? In a thread somewhere, it was mentioned that External SCSI Zip Drives have become pricey. Internal SCSI Zips have been really expensive for at least ten...
  19. Trash80toHP_Mini

    60% Mac Reproductions & KBDs: Printable today, scalable to full size tomorrow?

    Thanks to @ronan's Cheap and simple ADB to USB converter thread and digging around the supported keyboards I discovered 60% gaming KBD/KeyCap availability. Not one for emulation, but Raspberry Pi and inexpensive LCDs in the proper ranges ought to make for interesting desktop ornament...
  20. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Pro Audio Spectrum 16 PatchPanel - Schematic Development for Reproduction

    @Daniël started a thread inquiring about the pinout of the PAS16 breakout box, turns out to be a reproduction project. https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/mediavision-pro-audio-spectrum-16-breakout-box-pinout.39460/post-426454 DO NOT try to take one apart, it's a hot mess and needs to go...