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    Powerbook 3400c powerboard

    My Powerbook 3400 i just bought does not want to stay on. I found out it is the powerboard under the trackpad that is bad and causing it to shutdown during startup. Is this capacitor related or something else? Thanks
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    Apple iic issue

    I cant get the apple iic to display anything on the screen and it has a weird cord inside, whats wrong with it? When i first bought it displayed weird characters on the screen. Now no video signal. Anyone know what the weird plug is? Thanks
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    Opening Mac se

    I know this was probably posted but the issue is the screw inside the handle is stripped and I can't use the hex  tool to open the SE. Somebody put it in tight and I don't think there's another screwdriver that can fit under it. Is there another way to open it without breaking the plastics? Thanks
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    on duo 2300c hd issue

    Hello my powerbook duo 2300 has been through 5 hard drives and every single one has stopped working after being used in this duo. I know these drives have limited life but I'm sick of getting new drives for this thing and it's too suspecious that good drives keep failing only in this machine...
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    Mac se problem

    So I got this Mac se it's in really bad conditon it smells like sewage and mold. Anyway it turns on and runs but the screen is off. It was fine for a while then it adjusted itself so now it's stretched and I can't adjust it. Also the sound is really low . Any ideas? Thanks. 
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    powerbook 170 issues

    my powerbook170 that i restored works fine but after using it a while it freezes up out of nowhere and makes a speaker pop noise. is something shorting it? is it the hard drive? Thanks  also its known for getting really warm after being on a while so mabie thats it?
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    lc wont recognize scsi

    Am i supposed to set the scsi2 sd to something for it to boot properly? it wont save the settings in the scsi2 sd tools on my macbook. 
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    mac iici unfixable?

    so this iici turns on but has no sound and had a battery leak. i cleaned off some of it and heres is the pictures. is it fixable at this point? some of the green that goes over the traces came off when cleaning. i hope that wont desrroy it. Thanks 
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    Mac iisi monitor problem

    I cant get the mac iisi to show a image. I have a lcd and a 8 pin pnp adapter to vga that wont work on any setting. Do i need a different dip switch? Thanks
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    Fixing scsi drive

    I got a new LC and it has the old old black 40mb conner drive. Of course it wouldn't work so i tried the trick putting tape over the black rubber bumbers. Now it spins at the beginning and hangs. Its not recognized on the performa 6116cd . Is there a better fix? Thanks 
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    Opening Powerbook adapter

    I dont know how to get the powersupply open for the 170. I need to replace the capacitors but cant get it open. Does anybody know how? Thanks
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    Dead powerbook 180

    Hello i just got a powerbook 180 and its dead for real. No sound no chime nothing. Tried removing ram cleaned it nothing at all. Any ideas? Even the nice 120mb scsi drive is dead. Tested it on a 520c. Thanks and the adapter is the same one i use on my 170 that works.
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    Possesed powerbook

    This is really weird. I just bought a powerbook 160 and it works has some screen problems but it works. I had to put a powerbook 165 board in it becuase it kept giving sad mac chimes even with the ram removed. Anyway last night i turned it off it was still plugged in and when i come into the...
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    Weird system file on performa

    my mac performa 6116cd has this system file called 694-0615 in the preferences folder and it has no icon. What is that?  A virus? I already ran a check. 
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    Ibook clamshell running on battery??

    So today i turned on the ibook clamshell that always had a dead battery and it actually turned on and charged!! Its running rn under battery and says it has 3:15. Its been running for over hour now!! How is this possible? My duo 280c is also running on battery but dies in 30 sec.
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    Performa 6116cd

    Hey!  I just got a performa 6116cd working with a monitor keyboard etc. It only has System  7.5.1 but it runs great but what can i do with it? Its really boring so far and i dont know if i can upgrade it or something. Anyone know anything about this machine?Thanks 
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    Should it be recapped?

    So i had leaking capacitors on top of this board and just found this chip like this, no other damage is it worth recapping the board or is the chip a hazard at this point? Thanks 
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    Powerbook 280c problem

    Hello just got a duo 280c and i plugged it in . Didnt start and had a horrible fish odor. I opened it up and the capacitors leaked. I cleaned with soap and water. Is the board ruined? No battery acid or anything. Thanks 
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    Powerbook 170 issue

    I got a powerbook 170. The battery was so bad i had to open the computer to remove. The computer booted with sad mac chimes. I removed the ram card but had the same result. After 5 seconds the screen will flash like its trying to reset or something. What's wrong? No corrosion on the boards i...
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    Pb 3400c wont startup!!

    Hello yesterday my powerbook 3400c was working great. Now today i plug it in it chime then just black screen with the hard drive running. What is going on?? I also tried taking it apart starting up without  hard drive etc still nothing. There are a bunch of capacitors but i cant tell if thats...