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  1. PB145B

    Newtpaint FULL version?

    Does anyone know where the full version of Newtpaint can be had? The demo is readily available, but it’s pretty useless since it expires after a while. Thanks!
  2. PB145B

    View image files on Newton OS 2.0?

    What’s the best/easiest method for viewing image files (bmp, gif, etc) on Newton OS 2.0 (not 2.1) devices? I can’t really find a straightforward way to do it and I think I could save myself some time by asking here. I found a media viewer (forget the name) but it seems to require several other...
  3. PB145B

    Macintosh 512K revival

    I just got a 1984 Macintosh 512K yesterday, and will be documenting the adventures with it here. Here are the first pics I took before anything was done: As you can see from the serial, this Mac started life out as a 128K. Pretty cool. It’s the best of both worlds in my opinion. The awesome...
  4. PB145B

    Time to restore the 170

    I’ve had a rough PowerBook 170 for several years now, with an almost perfect LCD (no tunneling, and only one dead pixel). The 170 (along with the 145B) are my favorite first-gen 100-series PowerBooks. It’s time it gets the restoration it deserves. Here’s some pics of it in the current state...
  5. PB145B

    PowerBook 145B CAN run System 7.0.1

    Not sure how many already know this, but Wikipedia is wrong. It states that 7.1 is the minimum it can run: Yes, it incorrectly reports as a 140 (well, that’s essentially what a 145B is, with some small changes), but It doesn’t seem to cause any trouble. And yes, the picture is dark and...
  6. PB145B

    Create custom icons for System 6/7?

    What the title says. Can it be done? 
  7. PB145B

    New SE and Miniscribe deep-dive

    I found this nice earlier model SE on eBay for a great price. I was really hoping it would have the squirrel cage fan/blower, but it’s about a year newer that I thought it was, so it does not. I plan to swap the analog board out at some point for an older one that does. I’ve heard they move a...
  8. PB145B

    Power User 105 keyboard

    Anyone had/have one of these?   I found this at Goodwill quite a while ago and had to have it because it’s actually a clicky keyboard! Not sure what switches they are, but it’s most certainly clicky. Bit smaller than a genuine Apple Extended Keyboard (which was another lucky Goodwill find...
  9. PB145B

    Early Macintosh Plus

    This is a Mac Plus I found at an antique store in 2015 for $60. Wasn’t the steal of the century, but I had a platinum Plus, so I really wanted this beige one. Turns out, it was a very early product unit! I just recently discovered the serial decoder on myoldmac.net, and it is indeed an...
  10. PB145B

    Apple IIe - Finally!

    Even though I have a “finds” thread, this is really special to me, and I feel it deserves it’s own post (I’ll add a link to it in my finds thread). I’ve finally acquired my all-time favorite 8-bit computer! An Apple IIe! These certainly aren’t rare by any means, but I have wanted one of these...
  11. PB145B

    PowerBook G4 LCD question

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but will a high-res screen from an A1138 work on an A1095? This would be a nice upgrade for my A1095 if it would work.  Thanks!
  12. PB145B

    Found the cause of my noisy fan!

    The left fan in my trusty 1.5GHz 15" PowerBook G4 started making an awful sound, and I figured I'd probably end up having to replace the fan, but upon removing it, I found the sticker from inside the machine that had fallen lose was touching the fan! (Outlined in green in the pic). This was...
  13. PB145B

    145B LCD recapped with tantalums

    Never seen one of these done in all-tantalums before, but it seems to work great! The contrast drifting has almost completely vanished. Once I recap the inverter, it should be perfect. I also noticed that the overall image quality is better.
  14. PB145B

    PB145B’s finds

    I’ve decided to start a single thread for all of my conquests, so stay tuned! You never know what I might dig up :)   Today I scored a sad looking iMac 17” late 2006 CD (AKA the 5,2 or the “educational model”) for $4. This is the one with a CD/RW/DVD-ROM drive, no Bluetooth (the logic board...
  15. PB145B

    SCSI zip drive

    Got this little beauty off of eBay for $25. I’d been really wanting one of these! Makes getting files from my PowerBook G4 to my vintage Macs so much easier! This was definitely a very good investment for my vintage Macs. This one came with the the original Iomega carry bag, disks, cables and...
  16. PB145B

    SE/30 hard drive LED mod

    I thought I'd show off this little modification I did to my SE/30s hard drive LED. I always loved the look of the red hard drive LED on the early production SE machines, so I thought it would be kinda neat to have one in an SE/30. I love the sort of "evil" look it gives to the machine. I had...
  17. PB145B

    Best way to write a 400k System 1.1 disk?

    I’d like to make a System 1.1 disk to play with on my Mac Plus. I’m pretty sure you can run System 1.1 on a Plus, right? What at would be the best (easiest) way to do this? Thanks!
  18. PB145B

    Classic Mac icon collection

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, so apologies if it isn't. Here is a huge collection of custom icons I found on my PowerBook 190cs when I got it. Not sure if any of these are out there already or not, but either way, here they are. I meant to upload this a long time ago, but forgot.
  19. PB145B

    Some questions about the IIsi

    I just recently got a IIsi (a machine I have wanted for quite some time) at Goodwill and I have been trying to learn all I can about it. I have seen a few IIsi machines with no onboard ROM and a ROM SIMM installed. How rare are those? And also, can the ROM SIMM slot be used on the machines that...
  20. PB145B

    IIsi Sony PSU cap list

    Anyone have a FULL cap list for the IIsi Sony PSU? The one I found (on maccaps.com) seemed to be missing some (it only showed like 10 and I counted at least about 13). I want to replace ALL caps in my PSU. Worst case, I can disassemble the PSU and get the values, but a list would make things a...