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  1. CC_333

    A/UX "MacTCP" driver—where is it?

    And the fact that it did allow GetDown Glassic to load, even if brokenly, suggests that something along the lines of the "fudger", but more advanced, could work more completely and reliably, so this try provides some very valuable information (watching what goes on in a debugger (does A/UX use...
  2. CC_333

    Floppy Drive Grease

    That said, what is the average shelf life? I got a tub of it in I think 2020. I just finished it, and it seemed to last about 2-ish years with no obvious degradation that I could notice. I'm thinking of getting more, but I don't use it all that often, so I don't want to get a bunch and then...
  3. CC_333

    Apple Imagewriter II Restoration

    This is on the level of those "floppy drive orchestras", which is a pretty interesting way to take broken and otherwise useless drives and make music with them. Watching this and a few other videos almost makes me want to try this out myself. Almost. Particularly if someone already did the...
  4. CC_333

    I'm Now A Member of the Cube Club

    I got lucky and was given a pair of parts Cubes from @khannonnd several years ago in exchange for building him an SE/30. Even at the time, I couldn't afford to buy one, let alone two, so I jumped at the opportunity. c
  5. CC_333

    Dark Mode for OS 9?

    I just tried something weird by taking all the sounds and playing them simultaneously. It kind of sounds like something big is being squished, with a pair of ratchets constantly running in the background. c
  6. CC_333

    Stupid Floppy Accessory Idea

    Probably to cut costs, as I'm sure the auto-inject mechanisms were a bit more expensive to build. c
  7. CC_333

    Oops...I did it again...

    Same here. I've pretty much given up on affording pretty much anything, especially nowadays, with inflation running so high. There are still deals every now and then (mostly on this forum), though, so I do keep an eye out. c
  8. CC_333

    68k but not Mac, the NeXT thing

    Nice find! I've never yet used a NeXT machine of any sort (though I would like to, someday), nor have I ever used any version of NeXTSTEP or OpenSTEP (I have used the GNU/Linux-based clone called WindowMaker, which offers a close approximation of NeXTSTEP). My interest is getting piqued...
  9. CC_333

    Andy’s PowerBook Problem

    I think it should be theoretically possible, although, if I remember correctly, the 190 has somewhat less VRAM than the 5300. I'm not sure about that, though, so don't take my word for it.... c
  10. CC_333

    Andy’s PowerBook Problem

    I have numerous 5x0 parts machines (I keep discovering ones I forgot I had – it's like they're multiplying like fleas!!!), so if you or anyone else in this thread would like one, let me know! c
  11. CC_333

    Dirty Macs - post your pics of the filthy ones

    To get totally abstract, esoteric, tedious and pedantic here, the computer itself can be considered a form of physical media, as can the wires and cables (fiber optics would be a hybrid physical/optical medium) that connect computers together to form the networks that constitute the Internet...
  12. CC_333

    Crosfield Edition IIfx (Official?) - Finally, a replacement case!

    If you wanted, you could probably touch it up with some clearcoat or some other kind of protective layer, and that would prevent future corrosion from forming. Of course, for best effect you'd have to remove it and paint both sides, so it might not be worth the effort unless you use an opaque...
  13. CC_333

    Andy’s PowerBook Problem

    Indeed! It's almost ... ALMOST ... making me want to get my numerous PowerBooks and iBooks out again, if only to inventory what I have and see what I can do without (I have a few duplicate laptops that just take up space that I could sell for money to buy other things I do want). What good is...
  14. CC_333

    Andy’s PowerBook Problem

    That could be because of fading? Many, if not most plastics nowadays, if they've been exposed and used at all seem to have some degree of yellowing, fading and/or darkening. Perhaps because this 5300cs has been packed in its box for so many years, it has been spared that, and the lighter shade...
  15. CC_333

    Andy’s PowerBook Problem

    Huh, that's an interesting problem I never thought about! It doesn't sound to me that it's particularly debilitating, but of course, I don't experience it, so I can't know. Maybe it is?). At best, it seems that it just makes you rather clumsy at times, I guess? Is it something that can...
  16. CC_333

    Andy’s PowerBook Problem

    I may have asked this before, but is it anything debilitating or progressive to the point where you will eventually be fully disabled, or is it just some kind of age-related thing, like arthritis or some such? Feel free to not answer if you feel I'm being too nosy! c
  17. CC_333

    Porting Doom to A/UX

    I've often wondered why nobody has really bothered much with A/UX. Perhaps it's because it only runs on very select machines? Or that it was very expensive when new, and thus unpopular? Nevertheless, I'm glad there's finally some attention being paid to it. c
  18. CC_333

    Asnate MCNB 10Base-T connection

    I suspect it's probably because many of them were driven out of business when they were forced to shut down for the better part of a year. As the market allows, new ones will eventually open to replace the ones we lost, I think. c
  19. CC_333

    Best emulator for vintage 68k development

    Well, it could plausibly run at the equivalent of 5 MHz, since there's a precedent: the Mac XL, aka Lisa 2. That said, of all the emulator options, Mini vMac is probably the closest to the real hardware as any of them, and since, for all intents and purposes, the Mac XL behaved – from a...
  20. CC_333

    Best emulator for vintage 68k development

    While you're at it, why not offer to deliver the finished banner by drone? c