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    ImageWriter II - one pin does not work

    Hello everybody, I hope I am not the only one tinkering with old printers. I got an ImageWriter II to match my Mac Plus, SE or SE/30 and while the printer cleaned up quite nicely there is one problem that I was unable to fix so far and that is annoying me very much. The middle pin does not...
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    SE/30 Benchmarks: Mechanical HDD vs. RaSCSI vs. BlueSCSI

    Hello everybody, After watching the latest BlueSCSI video by ActionRetro I had to do some tinkering... I used my Mac SE/30 with 8MB RAM and System 7.5.5 and HDT 1.8 to compare the speeds of the following devices: IBM H3171-S2 - 160MB SCSI drive from 1993: BlueSCSI 1.0-c with the latest...
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    Micrographic Images Megascreen 3 - SE PDS Video card

    Hello guys! Today I picked up a Macintosh SE that had a Micrographic Images Megascreen 3 card installed. I think it's safe to assume that this is a video card for some weird external B/W monitors. Do you have any info on the card and perhaps drivers? Thanks! See the attached images of the card.