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    Macintosh SE/30 logicboard recreation (thread revival)

    Kai, any plans to order more - I am in UK and now have 2 possible donor boards - just got a new one on the ‘finds’ thread. We could go 50:50 on something maybe?
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    Battery Damaged SE/30

    Went to look at a promising SE/30 here in the UK. On closer inspection there is what I imagine to be typical battery Damage to the logic board and case. It has got as far as the ROM socket: There are a bunch of RAM chips - 4xOKI and 4xMotorola(??): A quantum SCSI Drive: A Sony Floppy that...
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    Macintosh SE/30 logicboard recreation (thread revival)

    I am in the UK and am thinking about ordering some of these. Basic green boards with the bottom side populated from the BOM/Parts Placement. I have at least one donor board that is in pretty bad shape. 1. Is anyone else interested in one of these - looks like minimum order is 5? 2. Can anyone...
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    My next SE/30 Board

    Pretty much what I was thinking. I have a mouser cart with the F258's, UA-G8 and some resistor nets, and a couple of Zilog branded SCSI chips that I am working on finalising. I am having trouble tracking down something for RP9 - they seem to be out of stock with a MOQ of 2000! At this point...
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    My next SE/30 Board

    I picked up this SE/30 board on eBay and I think it’s going to be a challenge. There is quite a bit of visible green gunge to deal with. I have scrubbed down with vinegar, and IPA soak and some contact cleaner. Caps are off and there is some pad damage to repair. Folks in here have pointed...
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    Missing SE/30 SCSI Controller Chip

    Thanks for this - I didn't realise that 53C80 has different manufacturers. I will add one to my component order for this logic board repair
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    Missing SE/30 SCSI Controller Chip

    I picked up a 'spares' SE/30 logic board from ebay - OK I didnt look closely enough at the pictures, live end learn, and discovered once I started working on it aht the SCSI controller chip is GONE! Looking at another board I can see an NCR 53C80 p/n 609-3400257 a few google searches are not...
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    3D Print Replica HD 20 SC Enclosure?

    looks great - the parametric stuff is really cool
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    Oh dear another Mac - A G4 15" USB 2.0

    My first ever Mac was a G4 15", I think the USB 1.0 model.  I gifted it to my Niece to take to University here in the UK. I saw this as a £0.01 auction on eBay and ended up picking it up for the princely sum of £16.00.  The seller contacted me to say the keyboard had gone missing so the...
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    SE/30 where to start on Dead Screen

    So I have some progress to report.  I checked all the continuity between UF8 -> UGC -> HSYNC Pin on the main board (Pin 11) and there is continuity everywhere there should be. So I went ahead and replaced UF8 and I now have VSYNC.  The picture fills the screen but is garbage:   The...
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    Network card hardware error...

    Just fired up my recapped SE/30 and put the network card back in.  I found some diagnostics on the HD and fired these up and am getting an address error from the Hardware diagnostics.  Card is using the dynaport driver but its a Shiva Access-T  The drivers seem to load and the led flashes...
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    SE/30 with 800K FDD

    Is it normal to have a Mac SE/30 with an 800K drive.  One of My SE/30s has a PC compatible FDD which has successfully formatted and written to a 1.44MB floppy.  The other won't have anything to do with the 1.44 Floppy disks and just ejects them when I try to format them.  I have some old Mac...
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    Top case screw not biting on SE/30

    One of the case screws on My SE/30 is no longer biting and just goes round and round.  Has anyone got a solution for this?
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    Recapping a second SE/30

    Whilst waiting for my UF8s to arrive for the board with no V-Sync I cracked open my (mostly) working SE/30 and pulled out the logic board for its recap.  This is my second attempt. It mostly went a lot smoother this time all the can capacitors off with no damaged pads using a cheap hot air...
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    SE/30 where to start on Dead Screen

    Board is re-capped (plus a trace repair to one I damage removing C2).  Scrubbed, IPA soaked and dried. Unfortunately I am still looking at a horizontal line.  I know its board related as another board works fine in this chassis.  I am off to do some reading about UE8 as a potential cause and...
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    SE/30 Logic Board Recap

    So its all back together after the recap and the IPA soak.  I switched on got the chime and I can hear the had disk booting but I have still just got a single line display! I know the chassis is good - I've connected another SE/30 board and it displays fine, this board exhibits the same problem...
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    SE/30 Logic Board Recap

    So the last few parts turn up and I made some progress. This is my second ever trace repair, first one on a mac.  Its just above C2 on the left: The whole board is now having a well earned bath in IPA after a good scrub down with an anti-static brush: I'll let it soak overnight then dry...
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    SE/30 Logic Board Recap

    So almost finished the recap today MOSTLY went well BUT looking at the photos above I think I damaged a trace when desoldering C2 - you can see it in the above photos.  I have some thin wire and solder mask on order so I will need to fix the trace before I can replace C2.  Fixing traces is well...
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    SE/30 Logic Board Recap

    My Mouser order turned up today so I have started on my first ever recap on the newest SE/30 with the vertical scan problem. So far I have removed all the caps, cleaned up the pads, cleared the holes, and done and initial swab down of the board with IPA. Here is the board: And some close up...
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    SE/30 HDD Led

    Just pulled the drives out of my working SE/30 and noticed that the HDD bracket has an LED at the front that does not seem to be connected to anything: I am assuming their should be a connection between this LED and the HDD, looking at the HDD itself I can see what I think is an LED jumper...