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    How to ID which is ATA Bus 0 ? G4 MDD PPC 10.4

    Hi, How can you ID which is ATA Bus 0 ? Terminal? Open Firmware? Disk Utility? Look for label on logic board connectors? Other? Detail: After the "Ultra ATA-100" bus started failing years back (with errors), moved the HDDs to the two Ultra ATA/66 bays. Never had occasion until now to start in...
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    OT - Photo - Are these what bad caps look like?

    Would someone take a look? Pic is probably a couple of meg in size ("bad" ? circled in red, "good" ? in blue) http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/3443/capsuq.jpg I'm not a printed circuit board level guy. But hanging out here, I learned about various problems related to bulging or leaking...
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    IIsi HDD getting 5V but not 12V - I think - advice?

    Glad I found this board. Hope someone point me in a useful direction to get a recently liberated Mac IIsi up and running. Long story short: There may be multiple problems, but number one is the hard drive is not getting 12V of the 12V/5V needed for it to work. After a SCSI drive swapped in...