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    Cube problem

    Good day gents, Inherited a G4 Cube that refuses to boot. no chime (does Cube chime anyway ?). no video on any screen I try, either the cubes one or a VGA. Only some quick flashes (4 ?) on the main power and screen buttons. With a DS2 red led lit on the main board, near the ram slots. Think...
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    Wooden 1400c lid cover ?

    There is a ebey listing at the moment ( easy to find), for a nice 1400c with accelerator card, and.... a wooden lid cover ! Note I didn't ask the seller if that is real wood... Never saw this before, anyone know if this thing was sold or is it a user hack ? Is its a manufactured thing, must be...
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    Extract icon resources

    Hi, Is there an easy way, or a utility , to extract the just the icons resources from file system or an application ? I know how to do that with ResEdit, but it's a bit time consuming to copy each icon resources to iconographer to make an icon file... was wonder if there was an more "automatic"...
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    Netbooting a Linux image ?

    I’ve been playing with BootMania : http://vivapowerpc.blogspot.fr/2013/09/bootmania-is-now-freeware.html http://www2.tba.t-com.ne.jp/beanz/ installed on a Titanium, and by luck one mirror for downloading Nixes for making netboot images was still alive ! Managed to make a netboot image of...
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    Serial device id ?

    Again playing with serial connection , this time with a Wallstreet on rhapsody to my iMac G5. Any idea what could be the serial device id on MacOS X 1.2 Rhapsody ? this is what ls /dev/tty* gives me :   bash-2.02$ ls /dev/tty* /dev/tty    /dev/ttyidb /dev/ttyp3  /dev/ttyp7  /dev/ttypb   ...
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    Problem setting up serial console

    I’ve been trying to set up a serial console via a Keyspan USB twin-port RS422 adapter, from a PB5300c(7.6.1) to an iMac G5 (tiger) to get the iMac shell on the Powerbook with Zterm or Black Night. I’ve installed the Keyspan drivers and configured the iMac as per these helpful pages, here ...
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    Left Expansion bay HD

    Ever saw a LEFT expansion hard drive kit for the LEFT expansion bay for the Wallstreet ? I’ve found several references about it (for example here : http://www.jonh.net/lppcfom-serve/cache/563.html),but never saw one.
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    PowerBook rubber feets

    I know you’re mad about it. Yes you do, don’t deny… These damned missing rubber feet on your beloved Alum PowerBook are making you mad. Arrgg… What to do ?… Order a set at in the US (I’m in France) just to get 4 of these ridiculous pieces of plastic, when I need about … ten… at … WHAT ?! 15$ A...
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    Wallstreet replacement hinges ?

    Anybody tried doing some replacement ? Maybe machining some in a stronger metal ? I have several Wallstreets , each of them has more or less some looseness in the screen lid rotation. I know this means it's gonna break some time and hold my breath each time I open one...
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    Wallstreet NVRAM problem…

    Hi, I have a Wallstreet 250Mhz with apparently seems to be a corrupted NVRAM problem. It boots fine on MacOS 8.1, but no way to make it boot on Mac OSX 1.2 Server. I can go up to the System Utility chooser at startup to choose OSX 1.2, but then I get a screen with a broken folder : If I choose...
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    Powerbook 150 ADB hack ?

    I remember reading about a hack to have an ABD port on a PB150. Did a quick search but can 't find anything useful, only dead links... Anyone knows about it ?
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    Clamshell Wall

    Want to make place in the closet ? Put them on the wall then. love these handles. Miss a Graphite now
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    iBook Clamshell main board question

    Please, could someone tell what is that piece on a Clamshell main board ? Looks like something can be connected to it , but I can’t remember disconnecting something from there while disassembling … front back inside
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    The cursed Clamshells

    Got a lime Clamshell with broken screen some time ago, that one : https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/25205-galgots-new-stuff/page-3&do=findComment&comment=285312 Except the screen, the thing is in good condition , and could even boot and display part of the desktop were the...
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    New skins for SoundJam ?

    I like listening radio with SoundJam, and noticed a « SkinConverter » app included with it. Sometime ago I’ve downloaded 500 (!) Audacious skins for using on my Linux-Macs. Tried converting some of these, and it works :)  Some examples :     Audacious/WanAmp .wsz skin files are just zips...
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    The Kanga noise...

    Hi, I have a small noise problem with a Powerbook G3 Kanga. Instead of making long explanations, made a small vid of the thing : https://youtu.be/G95u8u81g_I All the caps have been changed so problem is not from these... When I plug headphones in the sound output , I can hear the same noise...
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    Ssw 7.1.1 on a Duo 270c ?

    I'm trying to boot a Duo 270c on syst 7.1.1, but each time it fails and say it needs a newer system . I 've checked "system for powerbook duo" during install though... And everywhere I read Duo 270cs can boot on 7.1.1 . Or does it need a special version ?
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    OS9 icons question

    Hi, I'm looking for where could be stored some specific icons on the MacOS 9.2.2 system. Mainly the "Applications" and "documents" icons , but some others too I've pointed on this screenshot : They seems to be specific to late system 9s (don't know if 9.0.4 has it). Opened copies of System and...
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    Help me build MiniVMac for Rhapsody

    Posted this on the E-maculation forum, but maybe could be of some interest here too : Hi, I’m trying to build MiniVMac for MacOSX 1.2 Server aka Rhapsody 5.6.  I have it installed on a Powerbook G3 PDQ, with an X11 server and managed to run a MiniVMac hosted on a Raspberry-Pi in a X-Session...
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    Usb to adb ?

    Are there some Usb to adb adapters ? I know the griffin , have it, but that's adb to usb...