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    PB145B serial connection woes!

    Hello all! I'm having some weird and irritating issues with connecting my PowerBook 145B to my Raspberry Pi 400 (or indeed any other machine) using a serial link. I'm following the instructions here, but after MacPPP didn't work, I fell back to Zterm for troubleshooting. Basically, I can get a...
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    Powerbook 145B on order!

    Hi everyone! New to this forum (well, returning to it) but a Mac user since 1996. I went in reverse order and started on PowerPC (Performa 6200) then picked up a PowerBook 150 a year later and entered the 68k world on the Mac (Amiga user since 1991...) Anyway... I've picked up a relatively good...
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    Radius PrecisionColor ADB - unwanted!

    Hi all, I found one of these colour calibrators at a car boot today in Wandsworth - it's in shrink wrap still! I don't have a use for it but wanted to rescue it, does anyone have a need for it? £10 + P&P. Pics to come soon!
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    Centris 610

    Hi all, First post on here. I picked up a Centris 610 (20MB RAM, 80MB HDD, no CD, AAUI ethernet port) with 13" Apple display, Apple Keyboard II and AppleDesign (?) mouse for the princely sum of UK£1.24 on eBay. Works perfectly and had After Dark, MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, MacDraw II and...