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    Fan replacement for SE/30

    The fan on my SE/30 is kind of loud. I love the perfect silence of the Plus, but acknowledge that the 68030 needs better cooling. Has anyone tried replacing the built-in fan with a quieter one?
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    StuffIt 5.5 doesn't always extract .sit files fully

    I've got my SE/30 running pretty nicely, but I've run across a few .sit files which StuffIt simply won't fully extract. For instance, if I try https://www.emaculation.com/basilisk/Public%20Address%20Stripped.sit it will extract a directory named "Read Me Files", which contains a single file...
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    SE/30 fails to boot known-good floppies

    So I have a Mac Plus which came with a ton of floppies, and I have an SE/30 that I recently recapped. I've been trying some of the floppies in the SE/30. It can boot a disk labeled "Macintosh System Tools Version 2.0" just fine, but most other disks fail to boot. For instance, my Hitchhiker's...
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    Mac Plus w/ intermittent video (tapping the case "helps")

    I recently acquired a very nice Macintosh Plus, but when I booted it this morning, the screen didn't display anything. When I tapped the side of the case, picture appeared, and after a little more tapping it stayed on. It booted up as normal otherwise. I had just opened it up and removed the...