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  1. mloret

    Capacitor list for Astec AA16870

    Does anyone have a list for the Astec PSU in my Performa 600? It's an Astec AA16870. Please point me to it if you can!
  2. mloret

    Software for iigs

    Hey guys, i decided to move away from vintage Macs for a bit and try my hand at an Apple iigs. I saw that there are quite a few places online that advertise software downloads for iigs. I am wondering which of these sites the experts would recommend? Again, I am a neophyte here. Thank you...
  3. mloret

    Mac Plus/Rominator/MacPaint 1.3 issue

    Hey guys. I am trying to get Mac Paint to run off of the Rominator I I installed on my Mac Plus. 1.0 complained that it didn't have enough memory. I decided to try MacPaint 1.3. That seems to launch but I get the message "MacPaint can't ind work space on the deault drive". Not sure what...
  4. mloret

    Bad Ticker

    Hey guys. I need help with an analog board I am trying to run on a Mac plus. It’d driving me bananas! It makes a ticking sound when the RAM test completes. The sound goes away IF i unplug the ribbon cable from the floppy drive to the logic board OR if I put a disk in the floppy drive...
  5. mloret

    testing Dyna Comp PSU 614-0028

    Hey guys. I just recapped a dyna comp PSU. I tried to test it on my LCII and it didnt do anything. No power to computer. I assume that this thing is compatible with my LC. Previously I had recapped a TDK and this one didn't give me any trouble. Anyone ever work on the Dyna Comp model and...
  6. mloret

    Another 800k drive...

    This one does nothing when I insert a disk. It will seat and eject but will not read or write. it doesn't spin or anything. If it wasn't for the eject motor, I would think it's not getting power. Is this a sign that it needs a recap?
  7. mloret

    800k floppy drive FROM HELL!

    Hey guys. I have spent two days working with an 800k floppy drive and I can't seem to get it to behave properly. I won't bore you with a detailed play by play but I'll summarize what I have done: 1. Disassembled, cleaned (99 IPA) and relubed ejection mechanism 2. Cleaned heads with 99 IPA...
  8. mloret

    Question about Mac 512k case

    Just picked up this 512k. What is this thing on the back of the case? When I opened the case and looked inside, there was nothing of note present ?
  9. mloret

    Rom-inator issues

    Hello! I spent this evening assembling my first Rom-inator. I got it to work on my Plus! Well sort of. The assembly went well, but I can't seem to get the Flash Tool to work. It also won't let me boot from an HD20 on my Floppy Emu or from my BlueSCSI (I've added the diode to make it work on...
  10. mloret

    Apple 15" multiple scan display with an LC II

    Hey guys! I picked up a 15" Multiple Scan display today from @treellama The goods news is that the display is beautiful and works nicely with my Performa 6300CD and my Performa 600. The bad news is that I can't get it work work correctly with my trusty LC II. Using another monitor I own, I...
  11. mloret

    Stylewriter II woes

    Hey there! I was hoping someone might give me some suggestions. I got my hands on a nice stylewriter II printer. When I tested it, the printer seemed to work but when I would print, there wouldn't be an image that showed up on paper. I replaced the cartridge with a canon ink cartridge which...
  12. mloret

    analog board fail

    Hey guys, I need your help. I just received an analog board that didn't work right. While the computer would beep on startup, no display on screen. I reasoned that the connections needed to be reflowed. Great, did that. Went to plug it back in and test my handy work and when I turned the...
  13. mloret

    BMOW Floppy EMU question

    Have any of you floppy emu owners purchased the acrylic kit? I am having trouble with the shafts of the acrylic buttons sliding off of the buttons on the PCB forcing me to open it up, realign etc only to have it happen all over again. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it sound like I did...
  14. mloret

    Two bluescsi?

    Hello. I was wondering if it’s possible to run two bluescsi’ son a Macintosh SE—one from the internal ribbon and the other from the db25? I have an issue where I can get the SE to recognize and run one or the other but not both at the same time. Both units show power but only one HD will show...
  15. mloret

    NETWORKING HELP—Trying to get my SE (OS 7.1) to talk to my Mac Plus (OS 6.0.8)

    Hey guys. I decided to try to do something I’ve never done before—network a couple of my ancient compact Macs. I found in the bundle of wires that came with my Plus the cable that is pictured. I connected the smaller end with 8 pins to my SE and the bigger end with 27 pins to the Mac Plus. I...
  16. mloret

    capacitor kit for compact Mac

    Anyone have a spare capacitor kit for a compact Mac that they'd be willing to part with?
  17. mloret

    BlueSCSIS DB25 question for Mac SE

    Hello! I have a Mac SE that runs an desktop BlueSCSI 1.1a from the internal HD connection. I have it wired with the LED and everything. This works fine. I recently assembled a BlueSCSI 1.1a DB25. I can't seem to get this one to work from the external port on the SE at the same time as the...
  18. mloret

    Header for analog board logic board cable

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a new header for the cable that runs from the analog board to the logic board in a 128k/512k/Plus? I don't even know what to search for :(
  19. mloret

    red-ish display on CRT

    Hello! What do you guys think would cause the CRT in an old Performa AIO to have a redish tint on initial boot but then fades to normal after a few minutes?
  20. mloret

    Help with Keyboard cable for M0110A keyboard

    Hello! I just received a M0110A keyboard I ordered from eBay to use with my rehabilitated Fat Mac 512k. The good news is that the keyboard works. The bad news is that the cable doesn't. The keyboard works with a cable that I already had in stock but not with the one that came with it. Weird...