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    PowerBook G3 PDQ won't start

    Hi All, Took a punt on a PowerBook G3 PDQ with no power adapter for spare or repair. When I plug it in the light turns green and the fan spins up for a couple of seconds and the everything goes off. It won't switch on. Tried the reset (FN-Ctrl-Shift & Power) that didn't do anything. Any...
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    PowerBook G4 neoprene sleeve 15"

    Hi, Back in the day I used to get Tucano Second Skin sleeves for all of my laptops but obviously as this is so old they do not make them anymore. Does anyone have any modern day recommendations for neoprene sleeves that will fit a PowerBook G4 15"? Thanks.
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    Disk health check on 7.5.3 and 10.4

    Hi all, Just about to start rebuilding my LC630CD and PowerBook G4 12" and would like to check the status and heath of the hard drives. Is there any software that can check the disk health check on 7.5.3 and 10.4 life for bad sectors etc. I know it will probably be two different applications...
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    Powerbook G4 12" 867Mhz. OS sweet spot

    Hi all, Just purchased on eBay a Powerbook G4 12" 867Mhz. This is the 3rd classic Mac I've bought in the last 2 weeks. This was the 1st Mac I ever bought albeit the 2004 model which was a bit faster. Now my question is what is the OSX sweet spot for this machine? I know it came with 10.2.3 and...
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    PowerBook Duo 210 Best way to get software/data onto it

    Hi all, Tomorrow my PowerBook Duo 210 arrives and really looking forward to it. Been using Macs for nearly 20 years and decided to try a bit of vintage computing. The spec is quite good as it comes with a few things: PowerBook Duo 210 Apple Mini Dock Apple External Floppy Also have on the way...