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  1. gilles

    Lisa OS

    LOS 2.0f installs ok in latest version of Idle.
  2. gilles

    Apple SilenType printer won't move print roll

    It may be something else but on this photo I see a crack (that I cannot see on the other photo)
  3. gilles

    Gemdos + GEM for lisa

    it appears that the gemdos part is unfinished, but I posted a new image that should work for 1.5 and 2Mb ramsize. The problem with more than 1mb is that video base address is not where the coders from DRI hardcoded it. I added a builtin command "MAGIC" in command.prg to force the normal value...
  4. gilles

    Gemdos + GEM for lisa

    I found lisa gem binaries years ago (somewhere in old digital research archive that went public from Caldera here for example http://www.deltasoft.com/downloads-gemworld.htm). The gemport file contains lisa binaries. Reading sources I found the way to pack this as a bootable lisa floppy image...
  5. gilles

    Anyone have a DC42 image of Lisa COBOL

    maybe this one ? ftp://bitsavers.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de/../../bits/Apple/Lisa/cobol_2.0/ [edit] seems good
  6. gilles

    Lisa 1 Profile image deserialize procedure

    Tested with IDLE (latest) and Master twiggy images from bitavers.org Seems ok for lisadraw Lisa Write from bitsavers is unfortunatly serialized but the method described (find {T1}OBJ + $42 offset and zero 0 bytes) is ok
  7. gilles

    lisa1 emulation

    Hello, to help someone trying to resurect a lisa1 I added twiggy drive support to my emulator (IDLE). Since some twiggy floppy were imaged by bitsavers.org there is some content to test. Emulation is not perfect because clamping/unclamping is not fully tested (& I do not have a lisa1...
  8. gilles

    Midi/sequencer for classic

    Hello, I recently saved some compact and desktop mac. I plan to use one classic to drive my old synths and expanders (D20, MT32, TR707). I already found a working copy of cubase 2.5 (a bit tricky to run since it's a shrinkwrap image and need shrinkwrap + system7...). But the problem is that...
  9. gilles

    my conquest :)

    Well not really a conquest, but a rescue plan from another collector that needs to clear his house. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us .. I was only thinking that maybe a monbloc was missing in my collection..
  10. gilles

    gemdos for lisa

    some may have already read this on lisalist... I'm still trying to run gemdos desktop but gem VDI does not run for now and I need to know if it's an emulator issue or a problem with my repackaged lisa gemdos. Can anyone try this on real lisa? and preferably a lisa2 with a 5Mb profile? Elements...
  11. gilles

    540c power supply plug

    I found a 540c with a broken power supply plug (the 4 pin, mini Din like). I tested it Ok with temporary contacts but since this machine is very interesting, I now want a real repair. Does anyone know were to find the connector for repair?
  12. gilles

    IDLE lisa emulator 0.10 released

    I released an update of my lisa emulator some days ago. This new version now runs Uniplus System V unix. Also, source version from CVS now has 10Mb profile support (will be in a 0.11 version some day...).
  13. gilles

    IDLE lisa emulator 0.8

    I released version 0.8 of my lisa Emulator this week. What is new in this version is mostly a partial XENIX emulation. Full Xenix emulation can be obtained from the current CVS version (1 line is now commented (IRQ related)). Binary for windows only, may be compiled for Macos X with Macos...