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  1. omidimo

    Case Replacement for 8-series PowerMacs Ideas

    Well, if would great if there was a multi purpose modern case option for 800/840AV/8100/8500 motherboards a la the Amiga 3000 Kickstarter run. Imagine not having to worry about breaking plastic. 
  2. omidimo

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    The P33 added support for a slew of later 68K machines: l  Looking at this, the design was modernized with fewer chips but DayStar altered the location of the support spacer hole:    The spacer optimization is clear on this image: I have both card versions, but I never tried either in my...
  3. omidimo

    nubus cache cards

  4. omidimo

    PC Compatibility Card - PM 4400 PCI slot 1 or 2

    The only thing I was able to find was this picture from a past sale cached on WorthPoint (Looks like an Old StarMax)  I doubt I will ever track one of these 3-Slot Risers down unless I get a whole StarMax and at that point, one has to ask... is it worth it all this effort?
  5. omidimo

    MAXA Snooper 1.0 - Hardware & Software Manuals - 1992

    If you ever wondered about the strange Snooper NuBus card by MAXA...   You can download the complete manuals on Archive.org.
  6. omidimo

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    Maxis lists the color classics and LCs that leads to 16mhz being considered as acceptable, and Moby Games lists 68020 as base.  :huh:   Might not handle large cities well though if you went with base requirements. early box
  7. omidimo

    Help identifying Lapis PDS card.

    Probably a Lapis Color Server 8. Try TattleTech? Drivers: https://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/video/lapis_videocard_drivers.sea
  8. omidimo

    DayStar FastCache/PowerCache User Manual - 8.1991

    In 1991 DayStar's lineup of Cache cards came in two flavors for two Macs; the FastCache & PowerCache for the IIci & IIsi. Eventually DayStar produced the Universal card (P33) and that worked in many other Macs with appropriate adapters. This manual covers the early generation of Cache...
  9. omidimo

    DayStar Turbo 601 User Manual - 11.1994

    IIci + Turbo 601 = Madness!  8)  This manual covers the IIci version. Scanned in hi-resolution and OCRed for your pleasure.  The manual is version 1.0 dated 11/1994. It is up on Archive.org. Got the 66mhz for $40! :-P
  10. omidimo

    DayStar Macintosh Performance Guide 1995

    Here folks is the last DayStar Catalog covering their final lineup of 68K Upgrade cards: And if you would like a copy of it in PDF form: https://archive.org/details/DaystarMacPerformanceGuide1995
  11. omidimo

    Desperately seeking Mac OS Anthology 2000 & 2001 Edition

    I ran the tree command via homebrew:  Some things came up as weird text under 10.12 but that might be due to API changes and lack of support. When I used a 10.6.8 VM; the disc came up fine with no garbled files, and imaged okay as a .cdr file via Disk Utility as shown below.
  12. omidimo

    Desperately seeking Mac OS Anthology 2000 & 2001 Edition

    I am just going to put this out there.  :wink:
  13. omidimo

    MicroConversions 2124NB II - Brochure + Owner's Guide + Control Panel

    You can download this brochure, the Owner's Guide, and the control panel (hqx file) via archive.org : https://archive.org/details/MicroConversions2124NBII @olePigeon Thanks for the reminder.
  14. omidimo

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    The board is also slightly off the casing.
  15. omidimo

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    @joethezombie Here is a clearer shot of the wires, i tried to unplug it from the Mean Well unit, but it's not coming off, so it might have been glued on. 
  16. omidimo

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    @JDW Here you go, and I just wanted to say it was your flickr pictures that got me obesessed with building this SE/30! :D   I contacted Artmix aka Manabu Sakai in late May 2016 and he got back to me in July with availability of one in stock and I snapped it up. I am assuming he does not build...
  17. omidimo

    Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCards... HO!

    Found a pic of the TIVGX packaging.  
  18. omidimo

    Sony DRV-1000 DVCAM Internal 5.25″ Drive Datasheet - 03.1998

    A very long time ago in my early college days, I got a lab that I worked in to purchase these unique, but mostly forgotten internal drive decks that nicely fit inside the Power Macs. I had forgotten all about them until I dug up this old sheet up, and if you were/are a video person, then it...
  19. omidimo

    Bolles finds

    Interesting stuff about the Futura card, the one I got is a little different, has the dial and no lower DSP slot. I was told it was a Futura II SX. Hoping I can land a NIC board too someday. 
  20. omidimo

    68K/early PPC with onboard AAUI 100mbps ethernet?

    The trick with pricing is to look at the back of the magazine at the grey marketers, their pricing was the closest thing to street pricing. Here is a one from January 1992: One of the things that Jobs did upon his return was to kill off this avenue of sales as it was eating into Apple's...