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    Apple ][ Plus Woes

    I have soldered the joint and it now appears to be solid (the joint no longer twists), but the computer still doesn't output a signal.  Any other tips?  I'm rather confused because it was working for the first day or so in my possession, so it seems natural to me that the video jack would have...
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    Performa 575 Issues

    Firstly, I have no prior experience with these systems and couldn't find a manual (or really any information at all) online. That said, my 575 boots to a question mark.  I've been trying to boot from a CD-RW in the CD-ROM drive, but that doesn't seem to work (and when I eject the CD, it's still...
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    Apple ][ Plus Soldering

    Apologies in advance if this is just rehashing common knowledge - I have done research but I'm honestly paranoid that I'll break the computer or that there's some info I've missed that is essential for working on older machines. A while ago I got an Apple ][ Plus which, despite being working...
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    Is it possible to download software and transfer it to a floppy disk via USB Floppy Drive from a 2018 MacBook Pro?

    I also transfer files like this, but I write a blank floppy image to a disk with Balena Etcher, which I can then natively write to. I got a zip file of blank floppy images somewhere that I just unzip as needed for more :) .  I've attached the zip just in case someone in the future is...
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    Apple ][ Plus Woes

    I just got an Apple ][ Plus, but the monitor doesn't work - I need to hold the v-sync dial further than it actually goes in order to see a picture (Comrex video monitor).  So I connected it to a projector and got it to show Apple ][, but nothing else.  I also couldn't get the disk drive to work...
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    PowerMac G5 Power Cord

    This is likely a very dumb question, but I got a PowerMac G5 without a power cord and was wondering if I could use any power cord with it (I have a couple of generic power cords that fit).  Is there anything special about the apple power cord?
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    Value of Apple IIc?

    I have found an Apple IIc for sale, but being a novice to collecting, would like to get other's opinions.  The computer (A2S4000, if that helps at all), comes with a ColorMonitor, Scribe Printer, ProDOS, DOS 3.3, an external disk drive, manuals, and boxes.  What's a reasonable price? Thanks in...