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    Apple PC Compatibility Card 12" 100MHz Overclock

    Hello, This is a work in progress thing, since it’s not stable. The Pentium on the compatibility pc card is a P54C socket 5 processor. It runs on a 66MHz bus. The Pentium has two inputs pins allowing the internal clock multiplier to be configured. Those pin are BF0 and BF1. Both are pulled...
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    Color Classic Video AB issues

    Hello there, I'm currently trying to finish the repair of my Color Classic but it kinda went wrong. Quite some time ago I did a full recap of all the logic and analog board, with deep cleaning. After calibrating all the video part it was working well. But all that calibration was done while...
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    The LC III that chimes death with no video.

    Hi and happy new year /o/ So I had this LC III motherboard sitting alone for a while, death chime, original caps. But beside that seems in great condition. I did a recap and indeed after cleaning, the motherboard looks fine, almost like new. Great! Recapping done nicely, no surprises...
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    Mac IIsi repair attempt, take 2

    Hello there :) With lockdown I decided it's time to dig into some long post-phoned repairs, start with the mighty and wicked fast the "LC" look-alike Macintosh IIsi! I bought it on ebay for a fair price, it was out of order of course, but it was, electronics aside, in a good condition. This...
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    Looking LC475 Video related, schematics/info

    Hello LCs enthusiasts! I recently get one of my LC475 unit out of storage in order to fix it and sell it. (Need to make some space :( ) Unfortunately, despite everything seems fine, the video output is missing HSync. PRAM battery is good I used a VGA adapter with DIP switches to force...