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  1. TheWhiteFalcon

    SE/30 with jailbar lines on display.

    Logic board has been correctly recapped, which happily restored my sound, but unfortunately did nothing for the video.  What should I check next? 
  2. TheWhiteFalcon

    PowerPC and Intel macOS Guide

    LowEndMac kinda has something like this, but it's not Intel friendly and I don't agree with everything they say. I'll make revisions based on input after this is done. I'll stick with stock machines for now, but I'll mention upgrades (for the purpose of installing later OS's) at the end. This...
  3. TheWhiteFalcon

    Pismo display issue.

    Found a 500MHz Pismo for $5 today. Got it home, removed the PRAM battery and it booted up. I was going through what was on the hard drive when the computer froze. Since then, it will no longer boot up fully. I get the chime, followed by nothing else. As far as I can tell nothing on the display...
  4. TheWhiteFalcon

    17" AlBook power on issue.

    I finally got my 65W charger for my G4 PowerBooks. I've got the 1.67GHz model working okay, but the other one (I believe it's a 1.33GHz but I'm not sure) has some kind of issue. Charger power light glows green on insert, when you press the power button you hear the system energize, the hard...
  5. TheWhiteFalcon

    Mac Plus FPD card?

    I only opened up my Plus to get a look at the signatures on the casing when I saw something funny on the logic board. Anyone tell me anything about this, besides the fact it appears to be an FPD card? I can find that there was a Radius one but I can't find anything except a brief mention of a...
  6. TheWhiteFalcon

    Making an 800k System 6.0.8 boot disk.

    I have a feeling I don't have the necessary files, so I want to check before I really drag out the hardware this evening. I have the entire Apple Software Downloads archive, so I have the versions of System 6 and 7 they had on their webpage. The problem is System 6 (and 7) is only in multi-disk...
  7. TheWhiteFalcon

    520c screen issue.

    This thing has been one problem after another. Booted it up today to see this: Nice red/green lines down the top half of the screen. (it looks like there's a circular spot on the screen but that's just the light). Anyone have any ideas on what this might be? Display connections at the base...
  8. TheWhiteFalcon

    SCSI CD drive issue

    Okay, so first; I'm a SCSI newbie. I got a LaCie K525 drive for the cost of shipping. It's got a Yamaha CDRW drive inside the enclosure. I hooked it up to the Quadra, properly terminated it, and started everything up. Maybe I'm missing something, but nothing's loading. In PC Exchange it...
  9. TheWhiteFalcon

    Interesting boot screen in classic Mac OS

    So here's something interesting. I was watching some of the computer room sequences again. There's like a Quadra by every workstation. Even if it's running an SGI system on screen. :) Also, in one scene, during one frame a Quadra appears to be standing on its front. When the camera pans in...
  10. TheWhiteFalcon

    Interesting boot screen in classic Mac OS

    It was a popular movie, good for techies too. The one I had was accurate to the movie, but not appealing, it pixelated badly even at 832x634. Found a better one that scaled more cleanly (not perfectly).
  11. TheWhiteFalcon

    Interesting boot screen in classic Mac OS

    How's this for a wallpaper? ;)
  12. TheWhiteFalcon

    Interesting boot screen in classic Mac OS

    I'm curious about this. It's a 180, the seller doesn't list what System it's running but it's got to be some variant of 7. There some utility that allowed you to replace the "MacOS" screen with whatever you wanted? The screen is cool...
  13. TheWhiteFalcon

    Apple AAUI - Ethernet adapter not working under 7.5.5.

    So I updated my Quadra from 7.1 to 7.5. The Ethernet adapter (the Apple Ethernet Twisted Pair Transceiver) was recognized by the system. Updated to 7.5.3, it stopped being recognized. Went to 7.5.5 and it isn't recognized either. When I try to switch to EtherTalk or enable the adapter it just...
  14. TheWhiteFalcon

    Mystery Daystar PDS card.

    So my Quadra has this in the PDS slot. I have no idea what it does, and I couldn't find a pic of another Daystar card that looks like it. It does boot just fine without the card. Any ideas on what it's for?
  15. TheWhiteFalcon

    SE/30 issues.

    So I got my /30 today. It's cute. The good news: Survived shipping. Floppy drive and hard drive work fine. Connectix RAM Doubler is installed. ;) Screen is bright. The bad: No sound from speaker, very weak from headphone jack. Booted up the first two times, the third time it just gave...