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  1. aapl2c

    Quadra 700 ONLY boots with PPC card installed

    Hello! I have a strange failure. One of my Quadra 700 systems won’t boot, turns on but no boot beep, no video, doesn’t try to boot off floppy/SCSI. It behaves the same when all RAM/VRAM is removed and when trying with a different known good CPU or power supply. The board is in very good shape...
  2. aapl2c

    Setting up SCSI2SD on 68030 (Color Classic) and drive size limitations

    Hello! I've had pretty good results with setting up and using SCSI2SD on various 68040 based systems (eg: Performa 578, Quadra 650) where I've configured SCSI2SD using a 8GB SD card with 4x 2GB HFS partitions. With that setup, I'm able to install/boot/use various OS versions (7.1, 7.5.5, 8.1)...
  3. aapl2c

    SE/30 corrupt video but system works fine

    Hello! I obtained a Macintosh SE/30 that was mostly working - it'd sometimes take a few tries to boot (completely corrupt screen or no video) and then when it would boot, no sound. So I replaced all the caps on the motherboard and gave it a good manual (careful) cleaning with isopropyl alcohol...
  4. aapl2c

    Macintosh Classic II with missing ROMs

    Hello! I rescued a Macintosh Classic II from recycling but unfortunately someone removed the ROMs for some reason (left the RAM in place though). This is the older rev board with the 4 ROM chips. I have another Macintosh Classic II (also has the 4 ROM chips) that does have the ROMs and while...
  5. aapl2c

    Cap list for Macintosh Color Classic and Macintosh Classic II?

    Hello! Does anyone have a cap list for Macintosh Color Classic Macintosh Classic II (I believe there's 2 board revs, not sure which I have) Ideally with the exact part #s to order from say Mouser or DigiKey? I've been told I need: Macintosh Color Classic 6 - 47µF - 16V - SMT 2 - 100µF -...