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  1. zezba9000

    Macintosh LC with Pico-PSU boots without -5v ?

    So my LC PSU is bad (smells bad to & gets stupid hot). I will try replacing caps but if something else is wrong I'm using a Pico PSU. So I did some Pico PSU tests to make sure computer boots fine (& it does) BUT I found out I don't need the "-5v" line to be connect... What is the -5v line used...
  2. zezba9000

    Macintosh Centri 650 (missing pwr button)

    I can't for the life of me find any 3D printable replacement button for this. Anyone know if one already exists? If not I'll have to make one.
  3. zezba9000

    Macintosh Centris 650 (Green tint)

    Is this just a sink on green issue? My 4:3 LCD this happens sadly. I ordered an original video cable as I can an original VGA convert I'm going to try next. But are there better 3rd party VGA converts that work better? I'm using a Griffin 1-8 switch one at the moment.
  4. zezba9000

    LC II dual floppy ports possible with soldered connector?

    Macintosh LC has two floppy connectors on its motherboard. LC II only has one BUT has what looks like a spot for it. If I solder a connector here will it work?
  5. zezba9000

    Mac Plus bad IC / Logic chip?

    So I was given this Mac Plus that came with two motherboards. One fully working and the other boots and works but the image on the screen is waky. As you can see in the image, I get a flashing disk that blinks with a cursor etc. I know this isn't a screen issue as I can test it with the working...
  6. zezba9000

    Solutions for HDI45 to VGA or DB15?

    I have a "Macintosh Performa 6115CD" and need to get a video cable for it that converts HDI45 to a VGA or DB15. But man the original ones are crazy spendy. I found this oddly on Walmart online store...
  7. zezba9000

    Color Classic best way to transfer files over Ethernet?

    Hey I just fixed a Color Classic. However like LC computers these don't have external floppy ports. Whats the best way to transfer files between modern macOS, Windows or Linux to a 68k mac over Ethernet? Is there any software that can simulate AppleTalk over ethernet on Win/Mac/Lin? Or any FTP...
  8. zezba9000

    LC III has errors installing 7.1 or 7.5.3

    I have an LC III that I cannot get to install a OS. Using a up to date FloppyEmu. Tried multiple copies of 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2 & 7.5.3 (that were in .dsk or .img format). The installers just keep erroring out. Different versions will error out on different disks. Can someone share a working copy...
  9. zezba9000

    Macintosh II floppy interface doesn't work (IC chip?)

    I have a Mac II that WAS fully working I had just cleaned and right before I put back on the lid I added a drive B cable to go out the back (for FloppyEmu). Banging my head on the wall but I shorted something while messing with the cable while power was on and now drive A or B will work. They...
  10. zezba9000

    BYTEBOOSTERS Atari joystick converter for Apple II not working

    So I just got one of these: https://console5.com/store/byteboosters-sega-atari-snes-joystick-adapter-to-apple-ii-e-c-c-iigs.html I've tested with two different Atari Joysticks with Mario Bros on Apple II+ and the jump button is always pressed (DPad / Joystick works fine). Using an old Apple II...
  11. zezba9000

    Apple III Floppy Emu

    So was reading people got the official Floppy Emu working on Apple III with a converter cable. However I see Chinese Floppy Emu devices that expanded on Floppy Emu and work in Apple II computers. My question is doesn't anyone know if the card interface is the same on Apple III and Apple II for...
  12. zezba9000

    Apple II+ pure white screen?

    So have an Apple II+ I'm trying to get working. The issue I'm running into is the screen is PURE WHITE.  But why?  Its like the CPU is idle doing nothing. #1 I built a new PSU using a PICO & 1705 voltage regulator to get -5v. (All voltages test correct) #2 I replaced the 3904 transistors...
  13. zezba9000

    Apple II+ capacitor identification

    Can someone tell me what ceramic cap spec from the image below is. (In the red square). I'm thinking I may have the same issue as this guy: https://www.classic-computers.org.nz/blog/2009-03-29-re-repairing-an-apple-II-plus-clone.htm Where that cap is bad as the voltage around 1v and that guy...
  14. zezba9000

    7300/200 doesn't properly sleep? +ROM SIMM?

    I have a working maxed out 512mb of ram, 4mb vram 7300/200 PowerPC. Everything works fine but when I put the computer on sleep, the PSU fan doesn't shut off and the HardDrive doesn't stop spinning. However the fresh install of OS 8.6 I put on there comes out of sleep thinking everything is...
  15. zezba9000

    Macintosh IIsi Magic chime sound. What does it mean?

    Got a Macintosh IIsi computer. 1) Got computer. 2) After plugging it in, it auto turned on? This doesn't seem right, PSU maybe? 3) The screen would show gray, then go off and make an error chime. 4) So I replaced the caps as I thought that might be the root issue (sound was super low as...
  16. zezba9000

    SE/30 old hard drive hack ;p

    So I fixed my SE/30 hard drive. 1) Opened it and fixed sticky motor. 2) These drives work much better facing upward (not upside down). 3) Secure with hot glue (works very well) I'm sharing this in case your not working drive might be fixed by flipping it the right way.
  17. zezba9000

    Macintosh Classic capacitor types

    Looking for the highest quality longer lasting capacitors I can use to repair classic computers (such as my Macintosh Classic or LC, etc). I heard SMD lifespan isn't great and my Macintosh Classic suggests this to be the case. What is the best set to get out of these below? Are all types...