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    WIP: SprintLayout (.lay6) import in OpenBoardView for logic board diagnostic/repair

    I recently helped reverse-engineering the Teboview (tvw) format to add support for it in OpenBoardView / FlexBV (Paul Daniels' closed fork which adds some features like both sides at once). Those are heavily used by people like Louis Rossmann to repair laptops, by making it possible to browse...
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    G4 MDD not booting

    I was just given a G4 MDD which "stopped working suddenly". When removing the PRAM battery I had the feeling it actually was in the wrong polarity, but I'm not entirely sure. Fans spin, the power LED lights up, but that's it. I've tried: - reseating the RAM, the CPU… - disconnecting unessential...
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    LC-III survived recapping \o/

    Some time ago I opened my LC-III again and noticed the caps started leaking, seems I waited too long: So I had to remove them, and clean up the gunk they left around. It took several baths, but even vinegar didn't help much and only some Kontakt 60 + WL actually got the mess out. One more...
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    IC 4-200P (mac clone)

    I just got that thing at Alchimie... (this one has 64MB RAM and 4GB hdd) Sorry don't make an offer it's promised to someone else already once I get Haiku running on it ;)
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    Just got an LC III

    Tonight I went to my LUG and we cleaned up the cupboards :) LC III 8MB 160MB with keyb/mouse and b&w portrait monitor... just a bit yellow but boots fine. http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macintosh_LC_III Just found this nice forum when checking for the specs. I'm thinking about porting...