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  1. LightBulbFun

    Interest in adapting 744x to 7400?

    heres the thread for you then :) https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/building-the-fastest-power-mac-9600.31076/
  2. LightBulbFun

    Interest in adapting 744x to 7400?

    ooh yeah id be very interested in seeing an interposer developed! I know there is someone on here who has made a 7450-7455 BGA483 to BGA360 interposer to retrofit 7447A's and 7448's to existing DA/QS/MDD cards but it would be awesome to see such an interposer for all the other PPC CPU's...
  3. LightBulbFun

    PPC750GX vs. PPC750GL?

    Oh wow thats amazing! hopefully you can get the remaining niggles sorted before not too long and get it booting :) its actually a really good thing you added those PLL dip-switches because the achilles heel of the PowerLogix 750FX and 750GX CPUs is their base multiplier is only set to about...
  4. LightBulbFun

    Apple Network Server 500/132

    in theory you should be able to boot OS X directly on an ANS without any need to swap ROMs since the ANS does run OpenFirmware as OS X bypasses any need for a Toolbox ROM image and boots directly from OpenFirmware including on OWR macs the only things you would need to do is figure out what...
  5. LightBulbFun

    The Great Gazelle PCI Hack Thread, Part 2

    one thing ill punt out there to keep in mind is that if you install OS 9 on a mac without a USB card installed, then by default it wont install USB drivers, so installing a PCI USB card after install time wont work OOB on any old world Mac I found this out the hard way back in the day when I...
  6. LightBulbFun

    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC III Logicboard

    its very awesome to see the home made LCIII board is finally working/booting :) it really has been awesome to see all the reverse engineering going on here, some proper hard work by some very skilled people! I look forward to further progress and seeing what else gets done in the future :)
  7. LightBulbFun

    PPC750GX vs. PPC750GL?

    interesting! it reminds me of the e2v 7410's etc :) https://www.cpushack.com/2015/04/09/the-e2v-powerpc-and-hitce-packages/ do you have any pics of the CPUs? do they look like new CPUs or used/reballed pulls? No problem! saves me having worry about getting to the post office! but if you do end...
  8. LightBulbFun

    PPC750GX vs. PPC750GL?

    Yeah :) BTW for what its worth while most ZIF's I have seen use the same pin-header with a black plastic interposer, I have noticed sonnet ZIF's used something else with a white/translucent interposer, perhaps something to look into incase it tells you where to find em or how to go about making...
  9. LightBulbFun

    PPC750GX vs. PPC750GL?

    here we go I managed finally unearth my 750GX/GL's! I thought I had 3 of each but sadly not however @max1zzz if your still interest in a 750GX or GL ill happily send you one next time someone in this household is going past the post office! (is your address the same as it was from the G4 iMac...
  10. LightBulbFun

    PPC750GX vs. PPC750GL?

    from what I understand the the 750GL was just a lower power version of the 750GX (and the lower power version of the 750FX was similarly called the 750FL) they are fully interchangeable and identical otherwise, they are the same hardware just binned for different applications :) (I have seen...
  11. LightBulbFun

    Display upgrade - PM 9600/350

    its a Radeon 9200 Mac edition the sticker on the back will say Mac on it  and the card looks like this  hopefully this helps :) keep in mind while 7.6 will boot with the 9200, you wont have full graphics acceleration
  12. LightBulbFun

    PowerPC 7457 upgrade for iMac G4

    heres some iMac G4 schematics hopefully they are of use :)
  13. LightBulbFun

    Building the fastest Power Mac 9600

    very interesting, which resistors are those exactly on both the 745x based Beige PCI cards and on the MDX upgrades? im guessing the 745x upgrades have regular PLL Resistors as they dont have to worry about auto-ranging since the bus speed is always set to 50Mhz with one of these... I have...
  14. LightBulbFun

    iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    http://ps-2.kev009.com/rs6000/redbook-cd/sg245144.pdf found this has some interesting info but nothing on the clock multiplier for the CPU sadly I do know when those 604e ZIFs are installed in G3 beiges the CPU speed is still set by the motherboard Jumpers, So I dont think the IBM ZIF CPUs...