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  1. jeremywork

    ’03 MDD 1.25GHz SP FW400 - No load or boot of OS 9

    As far as I know all of the FW400 boards should be capable. This lends credence to the non-standard firmware theory. Has a CPU upgrade (especially a faster one, 1.7GHz+) been installed in the past? Some of those require aftermarket firmware which needs nvram patches active for OS 9 and/or OS X...
  2. jeremywork

    ’03 MDD 1.25GHz SP FW400 - No load or boot of OS 9

    If memory serves, the very last OS 9 compatible G4s will only run from the "OS 9 General" installation (probably similar to what's on the MDD 2003 restore set.) http://macos9lives.com/smforum/index.php?topic=1037.0 The "Mac OS 9.2.2 For Previously Unsupported G4s" image should also work, but...
  3. jeremywork

    Overclocked QS'02 CPU - Crashes X, but 9 is perfectly fine?

    Altivec Fractal Carbon hits altivec pretty hard from OS 9. It's a bit bursty, but it was enough to toast one altivec unit in a 7410 I had clocked at 600MHz in a Pismo. It was stable before, but after looping Altivec Fractal Carbon about 10 minutes it now freezes immediately if anything tries to...
  4. jeremywork

    SuperMac Thunder 24 GX Add On Drivers

    Wow, my eyes really didn't want to see them... But yep, three in the middle on three sides and two pairs on the fourth side.
  5. jeremywork

    Can Anyone Provide Any Information On This "Prototype" Power Macintosh 6360?

    Those RCA ports are used for video input. There are a couple expansions that can do RCA composite out, but they'd go in the GIMO video port or the PCI slot. Oops, re-read that and realized you mean it stops the main video from working. Odd...
  6. jeremywork

    Can Anyone Provide Any Information On This "Prototype" Power Macintosh 6360?

    If you have a suitable mac formatted SCSI drive or SD solution you can plug into the DB25, dragging the drive icon from the desktop into another drive or folder should copy all contents. If you have an AAUI to RJ45 ethernet dongle you can use that Comm slot card to connect to an Appletalk...
  7. jeremywork

    SuperMac Thunder 24 GX Add On Drivers

    I don't see any pins bridged on mine...
  8. jeremywork

    Do Not Have Enough Access Privileges Error - Mac OS 9.2.2

    Alsoft DiskWarrior provides a similar function and works very well. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/disk-warrior-3
  9. jeremywork

    Quadra 700 - N/A 800 x 600, 832 x 624 supported?

    I haven't seen 800x600 available on either my 700 or 950s. I'd guess the adapter's ID pins are confusing something. I did once have an interesting experience with my 700 and a KVM. I had a Multiple Scan 17 connected to the KVM, and used a spare cable from an AppleColor High Resolution RGB...
  10. jeremywork

    What OS to put on a Quadra 840AV?

    On the 840AV I find 8.1 very smooth and responsive, but if you only need the features of 7.x it only gets faster. I tend to keep multiple system folders on my machines though.
  11. jeremywork

    Radius Thunder3D no-video output

    Which machine are you testing this in? If it appears as two devices in one slot you might hit snags with some machines that have issues with multiple layers of PCI bridges.
  12. jeremywork

    x86 card revival thread

    Yeah, that's a better word for it :) I've never had trouble switching OS with my older OrangePCs, so I'm not sure why it would make a difference on the 9600/660. I'll report back next time I mess with it. Re-reading, this note indicates OMI had been working on revising the 600 series firmware...
  13. jeremywork

    x86 card revival thread

    I've only spent a couple hours mucking with my 660, but I had a similarly frustrating time getting it to reliably switch over. One of the first things I found was someone had set both CPU and bus speeds to the absolute maximum settings via the dip switches, and even when returning them to...
  14. jeremywork

    IIfx Suddenly Hates My 20" HP 2010i Monitor

    I don’t have any LaCie displays, but this thread seems relevant: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=62869&start=0 Exerpt:
  15. jeremywork

    IIfx Suddenly Hates My 20" HP 2010i Monitor

    Before my GDM-FW900 lost its flyback I remember it starting up looking like this when it hadn't been plugged in for a while. After warming up for about half an hour an additional option would appear in the OSD to auto-calibrate, which would bring the black levels back to looking beautiful. I...
  16. jeremywork

    Cache SIMM error Power Mac 6100

    I have an MDD G4 CPU card which prompts a similar message at the same point in the OS 9 boot process. OS X says nothing and simply runs without any L2 cache detected.
  17. jeremywork

    QuickTime Video Conferencing ISDN DAV Kit

    Thanks for reminding me of this. I think I last learned about it when I had a 550c on the bench and notice its "Express Modem DAA II" module. (compared to a US spec Global Village A540, which requires the secondary card installed under the RAM module)
  18. jeremywork

    QuickTime Video Conferencing ISDN DAV Kit

    I think my first post of this was lost so I'm re-adding the photos, plus I found a second loose card from Japan which is slightly different. This one's processor seems to have a removable daughtercard, but it seems to be stuck enough that I don't feel comfortable removing it.
  19. jeremywork

    G4 Mac OS 9.2.2 setting 1920x1200 resolution for Cinema Display M9178

    I would expect the video card to detect the 1920x1200 display at boot, but I’ve heard the M9178 displays in particular are unusually picky about their DVI signals. I haven’t tested mine with AGP cards, but I’ve found it works with the 64MB Radeon 7000 PCI, and doesn’t work with either the 32MB...
  20. jeremywork

    Looking For Sonnet Presto PPC Disk Contents

    Chugging was the first word that came to mind, but still very usable. This one's merely a 66MHz/1M model clocked at 77MHz, but even given the benefit of booting from a CF AztecMonster on a SiliconExpress IV it feels pretty slow. 8.1 feels snappy by contrast. I'm away from part of my stash at...