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  1. tokyoracer

    IIsi System installing woes.

    I've exhausted all my solutions in trying to replace the SCSI HD in my IIsi with a larger one, but hopefully someone can tell me a possibly stupidly obvious thing I may have missed or am doing wrong. My IIsi HD has it's original 80MB Quantum HD installed, but since I had a spare Apple branded...
  2. tokyoracer

    PowerBook 190 not powering on after reassembly.

    Pretty certain it's a 'hard' power switch.  (Picture of a PB 5300 but basically the same thing).
  3. tokyoracer

    PowerBook 190 not powering on after reassembly.

    My word, old laptops can be an absolute pain in the ass. I fired up the lowly 190 today (yes the one everyone seems to hate) only to find the trackpad stopped working (buttons were fine). Figured I'd check the connections, clean them and reseat them, then hope and pray the thing would work...
  4. tokyoracer

    PowerBook external SCSI CD not working.

    So I've been working on my PowerBook 500's and my 180c, managed to get them in a nice running condition. Data transfering on these machines is nothing short of a bit of a pain but I should have the tools to do it.nor so I thought. I have one of these "Media Vision" HDI to 25-pin SCSI adapters...
  5. tokyoracer

    Renaming the "Trash" (pre OSX).

    I've managed to find plenty of stuff on the net about doing this in OSX, but absolutely nothing on if it's also possible to rename it in a OS9 and before environment. Does anyone know of it's possible? Maybe I'm just being thick!
  6. tokyoracer

    Advice for new 840AV owner

    I have one of them in my 840. Definitely worth it since all you need is a HD sled and another drive. I picked up a 2.1GB 68-Pin SCSI drive for the second bay. Only trouble I had is the cable I used made it hard to plug into the card. Far from ideal as any more welly and I could have broke the...
  7. tokyoracer

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    I'm undecided where to place the newly arrived case sticker to reflect the G3 card that's installed! What do you guys think? 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:
  8. tokyoracer

    PM 7600/132 HD issues.

    So I've gotten all my old Mac's to a point where I'm happy (at least the ones that are working). All but one machine remains, my 7600. This one is (or was) a bit of a beast. Loaded with a Crescendo G4 450/1M and half a GB of RAM, this thing used to fly. Or so I remember. I'm pretty sure this...
  9. tokyoracer

    IIcx with a nice surprise inside.

    So I found a IIcx for sale on the 'Bay and it was recently listed. At first I thought it looked pretty junk, and since I had a IIci, I wasn't that interested. However, as I looked through the photos I could see potential. So the only bad parts are it had no HD and it was listed as "faulty" but...
  10. tokyoracer

    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    As promised, albeit a few hours late (sorry it's a bit dark): Since taking the pictures I've gutted the battery pack, with great difficulty I might add (what a mess!). So now there's no more gaping holes. Does anyone know if there was a CD-ROM drive for these?
  11. tokyoracer

    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    Just finally received a PowerBook 190 I won some time ago on eBay. Widely regarded as (one of) the WORST PowerBook's designed and made. I can kinda see why people have that opinion or it. Plastics are poor, can't use an external display (at least on mine), no mic input and because it's not the...
  12. tokyoracer

    Help identifying NuBus RAM card. (RAM Disk?)

    Hi again. Another bit of hardware I'm struggling to find any info on, let alone software. I got this NuBus RAM Disk Card (I think?). There's no markings or make of any kind on the card itself. Just lots of off-the-shelf looking IC's and some stickers with manufacturing numbers on them. It...
  13. tokyoracer

    HDI-20 disassembly help.

    That PDF looks like it could help I will look into it, thank you. It's one of these:
  14. tokyoracer

    HDI-20 disassembly help.

    I got two of these HDI-20 disk drives and both have issues (one doesn't let disks in and the other seems bereft of life). There's no screws anywhere on these so how the hell do you open one up? I assume you have to pry it open but I fear I may break some clips if I do some guess work! Anyone...
  15. tokyoracer

    Performa 630 DOS issues.

    Well after installing to 8.1, I can finally make the DOS drives on the secondary partition with success. Not sure what the issue was before but I'm more than happy now so thanks for the advice on updating the OS. Everything seems to work great, albeit, slightly slower than 7.5.5 but I can live...
  16. tokyoracer

    Performa 630 DOS issues.

    Hi again chaps. I've drawn a blank on this one so I figured you guys are the best people to turn to. So I have a couple of issues with my 630 that have cropped up since I've upgraded the HD to an 8GB one (2x 4GB partitions). First one is that it crashes a few seconds after selecting "Shut...
  17. tokyoracer

    Help identifying Lapis PDS card.

    As per title, does anyone have any information on this card? I was going to list it up for sale but I got no idea what it is exactly! I assume some kind of mono video card (duel or full page display?). Does anyone have info on this? Better yet are the drivers still available? Regardless, I'm...
  18. tokyoracer

    Warning! Exploding Maxell PRAM Batteries

    This reminds me of the IIfx I received 8 years ago along with a II (that survived albeit with no signs of life). Sadly both batteries went on a killing spree.
  19. tokyoracer

    IIvx not powering on.

    Hi guys, been a while. In my absence, I've actually been quite busy. I've been sorting out alot of my old Mac 68K (and a few PPC) machines and over the past few years, bringing them out of storage with mostly positive results. However this IIvx (I know, hardly one of the 'good' ones but I...
  20. tokyoracer

    OS 7.1 disk image with enabler for LC III

    Hi all long time no see. Had alot of "life" things going on so wasn't able to be so active and had such little time, apologies. Long story short I finally got round to sorting out some of my machines with the help of that awesome BigMessOfWires Mac Emu device I got a few days back. I'm trying to...