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  1. rplacd

    Porting Doom to A/UX

    The noob in me is going "I wonder if suppressing console output would make this a lot more quicker"... I know that, in (relatively) ancient Unices with not-so-sophisticated IO systems, debug output could slow interactive applications to a crawl. I remember Bolle getting native Macintosh Toolbox...
  2. rplacd

    Macintosh SE/30 logicboard recreation (thread revival)

    Off-topic question to people assembling boards: are y'all scavenging from bombed boards, or is there a source for NOS ASICs that I'm somehow missing? I've been looking far and wide for a replacement for an SE/30 GLUE chip that might be malfunctioning.
  3. rplacd

    Interested but confused about 68k PowerBooks

    I'm on the "please please please no" category, as someone who has bought multiple crumbling PowerBooks 1xx to get one that screws aren't falling out from, or that doesn't have screen tunneling. Get a compact Mac.
  4. rplacd

    Introducing (and interest check) AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongles

    I'll say – I so love the attention to the charming PCB and product design :) It really reminds me that Macs are supposed to be, well, fun first. Right next to Siliconinsider's fun RAM designs, and Bolle's Easter egg logos.
  5. rplacd

    Other than historical curiosity, is there any advantage to *not* upgrading an Apple IIe to "Enhanced?"

    Very out of topic, but – this is why it's nice to have multiple computers of the same model, so you don't have to choose! Well, I have a Classic II that's been stickered all over to honor its past as a college newspaper daily driver, and an SE/30 that (ROM-related simasimac allowing) will be...
  6. rplacd

    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    Hey, thanks for the recommendation! I've just looked it up, and I've just noticed that you can get this stuff in multiple thicknesses. Would you have any recommendations/knowledge on why this is the case/what to get?
  7. rplacd

    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    I would love to hear your advice on proper heatsinks! I have an (evidently) non-genuine '040/40 that's unstable at 40 MHz. It reports to have both FPU and MMU, but I've stuck a cheap Amazon heatsink and it overheats and barfs. Would you have a link to a proper heatsink?
  8. rplacd

    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    Herb just restocked! I purchased one... although there isn't many, Herb had to get the pins repaired. Hence why I posted here. Herb's an amazing detective for this stuff.
  9. rplacd

    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    If you're interested in real '040s, I think Herb Johnson has some used-and-pin-repaired 40 MHz 68040s in stock! 40 MHz models seem unobtanium these days...
  10. rplacd

    Should I get a Rominator II?

    Everyone has their own reason, but I'd get it – if you have BMOW's floppy emulator – for the HD20 support, so you can mount large disk images – it's the easiest way to transfer large files. I have an accelerator that's incompatible with the ROMinator (the Turbo040 patches the ROM), and I'm...
  11. rplacd

    FPU, software, and a Classic II

    Random question: did you need a license for that Mathematica? I've wanted to run Mathematica on a classic Mac, but I haven't found an abandonware Mathematica with a free license.
  12. rplacd

    Macintosh 128K "Thin Mac"

    Awesome deal, especially with the peripherals! God forbid I know people would pay good money just to harvest the switches from the keyboard... /shudders
  13. rplacd

    TrueType Fonts under System 7

    Off-hand question: I'm not sure whether this is even the right question, but would it also be possible to convert TTF -> PostScript, and then use the Adobe Type Manager to convert PostScript to bitmap, and also have the PostScript font available for use in System whatever?
  14. rplacd

    What is a Performa 450 Demo Unit and what is this weird layout/component?

    ...how many LC-class Macs did you end up accumulating in your quest to achieve soldering perfection, anyway?
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    Kapture 2022-03-21 at 00.24.41.gif

  17. rplacd

    Macintosh SE/30 logicboard recreation (thread revival)

    Completely unrelated, but: what the hell, did someone just port Motif to Windows??? Heroic effort...
  18. rplacd

    Abs cement

    Keep me posted! I have two PB180s in various stages of disassembly that I can't touch because the display bezel studs have completely broken off.
  19. rplacd

    Source for last generation L88M m68040?

    That seems a little suspicious – like they sanded the top off to relabel the thing.
  20. rplacd

    Introducing (and interest check) AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongles

    Literally everyone's cheering you on, but I might as well add myself to the list... it's time for Bolo!