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  1. Scott Baret

    So... Just Acquired a Sealed Apple Service Quadra 900 Board in Box

    I don't think these had batteries on board. Curious, where did you find it?
  2. Scott Baret

    Boxed Color Classic!!!

    Not new, but a 1-owner Mac. I found it by searching Craigslists near and far, convinced the seller to have it professionally packed (it came from Maine to Pennsylvania), and had it packed as a box-in-box.
  3. Scott Baret

    Boxed Color Classic!!!

    I usually don’t post conquest pictures, but this one was too good not to share. Got it for just $200 plus shipping. It will need caps but otherwise looks good!!
  4. Scott Baret

    AppleTalk Network Woes

    This is something I haven't seen before and definitely will try--I have a spare PSU sitting around and will pop it in there sometime! Now I have a re-capped Classic doing the same thing...could it be something similar, maybe with the analog?
  5. Scott Baret

    Color StyleWriter 4100 - Experiences?

    After years of wanting one, I finally snagged a Color StyleWriter 4100 (the HP rebadge) on eBay in excellent condition. I have some experience with late 90s HP printers on Windows, all of which has been positive, so I'm curious, what have people generally thought of the 4100/4500 on the Mac? How...
  6. Scott Baret

    AppleTalk Network Woes

    I'm having some issues with AppleTalk on a few machines. Both are re-capped, so we can set that issue aside right now. The first is an LC. This one has never worked on a network, even with its original board. (I'm not sure if the original board was the one I got re-capped or if I put another...
  7. Scott Baret

    Future Project Idea: Expansion Spelunx Rooms

    Here's an idea for anyone who is good with HyperCard and MacroMind Director...how about a challenge to see who can come up with a new expansion room for Spelunx? The program was designed to be expanded, as evidenced by the builder. All copies of Spelunx came with just three rooms, but...
  8. Scott Baret

    Claris CAD - thoughts?

    Has anyone here used Claris CAD? I'm looking to do a little drafting in the near future and with programs like AutoCAD being what they are (expensive, hard to use) I'm wondering how Claris's offering was. I haven't used it myself, but I do remember hearing it was basically "MacDraw on steroids"...
  9. Scott Baret

    PowerBook Keyboard Discoloration

    It's a 145B in otherwise great shape aside from needing new caps for its screen.
  10. Scott Baret

    PowerBook Keyboard Discoloration

    What's the best way to clean a discolored PowerBook keyboard? Some of the keys are more brown than gray, not sure how that happened. I haven't tried my usual keyboard cleaner yet but I figure someone here probably has played around with this!
  11. Scott Baret

    A Perfect Condition SE/30

    Few things in life are perfect, but this SE/30 definitely is cosmetically. It does boot, but given the lack of sound, it’s going to get new caps before I use it. The hard drive is also bad, so I’m going to make this the ultimate dream machine, sticking a big ol’ 2 gigger in there and finding...
  12. Scott Baret

    HD Access LED Size for NEWER Quantum ProDrive LPS?

    I have a ton of old ProDrives which I am using in my various Macs. (Yes, I'm a purist and will use these hard drives as long as I am able to maintain them). I keep them in working condition, but have one minor issue with the LEDs... The plug for the access LED is a smaller size on the newer...
  13. Scott Baret

    Mac LC Weirdness - Electric Charge? Shorting Out?

    I have an LC, both logic board and PSU re-capped, with a strange issue. The logic board appears to build up some sort of weird charge over time. It causes video interference over time and today caused the computer to short out while starting up. I unplugged the PSU from the board, re-inserted...
  14. Scott Baret

    IIc and IIGS Key Caps - Interchangeable?

    Are the key caps from the IIGS keyboard and the IIC interchangeable? Specifically hoping to swap out an option key for a closed Apple.
  15. Scott Baret

    The Newest ImageWriter II?

    Sparked by the discussion in another topic about LC475s being manufactured later than thought, here's a question--who out there has the newest ImageWriter II? According to most sources, the ImageWriter II was still around as late as 1996. They got the brown shipping boxes and revised manuals...
  16. Scott Baret

    Best Java Compiler for 68K? PPC w/ OS 9?

    See above. Looking for a quality Java compiler for both the 68K Mac and OS 9 on the PPC platform. It can be two separate programs, mostly just something to use to put a project together with over the summer.
  17. Scott Baret

    LC Monitor (12" RGB) Weirdness

    Weird 12" monitor issue (the LC kind). When I move my mouse or press a key, I see some interference. The cables aren't touching each other. I also notice some scan lines when the screen is completely white or mostly white (i.e. a new Word document). I'm guessing this is the result of too much...
  18. Scott Baret

    Performa 200 - Original Loaded Software?

    I'm attempting to restore my Performa 200 to its original state. These computers never came with system restore disks; original owners needed to use Apple Backup to create them. (This was surprisingly common on cheap PCs at the time too; I own an IBM PS/1 which also has a backup program and came...
  19. Scott Baret

    Issue with an LC monitor (12” RGB): Interference / Horizontal Lines

    Monitor has interference when cursor is moved or new text appears. This comes in the form of horizontal lines that are light gray against white. It's not an ADB issue due to modifier keys not causing this problem.This usually only happens or can be noticed on blank white screen.The monitor seems...
  20. Scott Baret

    StyleWriter I - no ink on paper

    My StyleWriter I won't output any ink on the paper regardless of which cartridge I use. I have used two new ones and blamed it on a defective one the first time. Now, it won't do anything with the other cartridge despite having purged the cartridge multiple times. Everything sounds fine...