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  1. pee-air

    Superscript and subscript tags on 68kmla?

    Is there any way to get superscript and subscript text on 68kMLA? I notice that the and tags don't appear to work here. Kind of sucks if you want to include footnotes in your posts.
  2. pee-air

    If all else fails... FWB Hard Disk Toolkit!

    ...And if FWB HD Toolkit fails, then your beautiful nine gigabyte Seagate Barracuda drive is dead. It's dead, Jim! I swapped the 2 gigabyte drive out of my Quadra 700 and replaced it with the Seagate Barracuda. I then tried to reinstall A/UX on to the new drive. Disaster struck. The A/UX...
  3. pee-air

    MLDonkey on a 68K?

    Has anyone managed to get an MLDonkey server running on a 68k Macintosh? I'm not really concerned with which OS you may have gotten it running in; I'm just interested in knowing if it runs well enough on a 68k Mac for dedicated use. My thinking is that I would setup my old Quadra as a...
  4. pee-air

    Installed A/UX 3.0.1 on my Q700

    Installed A/UX 3.0.1 on my Quadra 700 today. Everything went pretty smoothly once I got my Q700 ready for the install. I used a hard drive that I pulled from an old SGI box, so I had to fiddle with some jumpers. I also had to pull my Rasterops Paintboard Prism GT card out. I had a couple...
  5. pee-air

    Hotline Servers... Anyone still use them?

    Does anyone still use Hotline servers? There doesn't appear to be many around anymore. So I'm thinking that no one really uses them anymore. Do you? If not, what do you use instead?
  6. pee-air

    Quicktime Video Editing: Classic Mac OS

    I'm looking for some software that will allow me to edit some Quicktime videos that I have. The caveat being that the software must run in Mac OS 8.6. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  7. pee-air

    What to do with an LC?

    I have an old LC that is never used and too slow for any practical use. I was looking at it today, and it appears the capacitors are leaking as well. Which is probably the reason why there's problems with the sound. ie. The capacitors are located in the area where the sound circuitry is...
  8. pee-air

    RealTek Drivers

    Does anyone have any experience with RealTek drivers on PCI PowerMacs? I have a 7300 that had previously been running Linux. It is now running Mac OS 8.6 and connected to the network via the slow builtin 10base-T ethernet. I do have one fast ethernet card with a RealTek chip kicking around...
  9. pee-air

    Darwin OpenDarwin

    Was looking at some screenshots over at www.mplayerhq.hu and stumbled upon this. Which got me to thinking... Does anyone here run Darwin or OpenDarwin on a PowerMac that is NOT running Mac OS X? Looks like someone is running AfterStep in OpenDarwin in that screenshot.
  10. pee-air

    What to do with a 7200?

    I have an old 7200/90 and I don't know what to do with it. It's too slow for use as a web browsing machine. I could use it as a dedicated word processor/fax station, but my Quadra 700 is a better choice for that because it runs quieter and feels more responsive than the 7200. (Speeddoubler...
  11. pee-air

    PCI Cards for PowerMacs

    What PC PCI cards can be used in a Macintosh? I know that I can use certain PC Ethernet cards in a PowerMac, and use them in Classic Mac OS -- depending on driver availability. I know that I can use just about any PCI ethernet card in existence on a PowerMac running Linux. I know that I can...
  12. pee-air

    68kMLA + IE 4.01 + Quadra 950 = Not too bad

    Surfing the 68kMLA forums with Internet Explorer 4.01 on a stock Quadra 950 is surprisingly quick. Rendering the pages is a bit slow, but not as slow as I would have expected. And what it does render, actually looks pretty damn good on this tiny 640 x 480 Apple Color Monitor. Take a look...
  13. pee-air

    Microsoft Diamond in the Rough

    I was looking for a half-assed decent browser to run on my Quadra 950, and I settled on Internet Explorer 4.01. Part of the Internet Explorer archive that I downloaded contained a little thing called Microsoft Personal Web Sharing. I had never heard of Microsoft Personal Web Sharing before...
  14. pee-air

    Word Perfect Peculiarity

    Noticed something weird about WordPerfect today. I had to use GraphicConverter to scale some images for inclusion in a Word Perfect document, so I did that on my Beige G3. I was running a little low on time, so I created the WordPerfect document on the Beige G3 too. Anyway, I'm running the...
  15. pee-air

    Strata Videoshop 3.0

    I was looking through some of my old MacAddict CDROMs and I found this little gem. It is the full commercial version and it looks like it might be an interesting piece of 68k Mac nostalgia to play with. I tinkered with it for a bit and haven't quite figured out how to use it. So I guess I'm...
  16. pee-air

    Journal Software For System 7.5

    I am in need of some software that I can use to keep an extensive journal. This software should date and time stamp all entries and allow for an enormous amount of entries. It must run in system 7. I need this to keep track of every action and reaction for every day, hour, and minute...
  17. pee-air

    Which version of Quicktime do you use on your 68k?

    Which version of Quicktime do you install on your 68k Macintosh computers? I have been busy setting up my old LC III for general use. System 7.5.3, which I am running on my LC III, comes with an old version of Quicktime by default. I wanted to upgrade Quicktime a bit, but I didn't want to...
  18. pee-air


    For pure geek factor, nothing beats MacEKG on a 68k Macintosh. MacEKG is a slick looking piece of diagnostics software that can be configured to run on every boot, once a day, or once a week. It has spiffy geek style graphics and it can even be configured to speak. MacEKG works by testing...
  19. pee-air

    "Must Have" Stuff for Every Machine

    Do you have any "must have" stuff that you install on every 68k or ppc Mac you own? If so, what are they? These are the things that get installed on to every Mac I own and use: - Networktime control panel goes on every Mac I have that runs any version of Mac OS prior to 8.6. Networktime...
  20. pee-air

    Memory for Quadra 700

    I want to max out the RAM in my Quadra 700. I have already maxed out the VRAM. What I need is a cheap source for 4 16MB 30-pin non-parity SIMMs. Anyone have any suggestions? I have tried Nexcomp, but at $24.95 per SIMM, that's going to cost me over $100 with shipping to get 64MB of RAM in...