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  1. Tarantulas

    Looking for anyone who has a Zulu SCSI and Quadra 700

    For the record, the “Comedy Rule of Threes” is: 1) Serious thing 2) Second, and potentially more serious thing 3) Funny third thing
  2. Tarantulas

    LC / LCII / LCIII / Q605 - Dyna Comp DCF 353 Power Supply Woes

    I recently picked up an Performa 410 (LCII education model) and have started down the road of recapping.  The motherboard is mostly under control, but I'm having trouble figuring out what's up with the power supply. Unlike most of the guides and videos I'm seeing online which are based...
  3. Tarantulas

    Quadra 700 Speaker.. specs?

    Does anyone know the exact specifications of the Quadra 700 speaker (Ohms, Wattage, physical dimensions)? People seem to think it's the same as the IIcx or IIci speaker, but it's not.   Thanks!
  4. Tarantulas

    Quadra 700 speaker.. same as IIci / IIcx?

    Someone else's photo... sure looks the same as the IIci... just with a three position header.
  5. Tarantulas

    Quadra 700 speaker.. same as IIci / IIcx?

    Can the IIci speaker be used on a Quadra 700?  The manuals don't seem to make a distinction between the parts... but the IIci speaker is 2 pin, and the Quadra 700 motherboard has 3 pins. Any idea?  If it's not compatible... where can I find a replacement speaker? Thanks!
  6. Tarantulas

    SE/30 Damaged Pad at C3.. part at Y1?

    I carefully removed all the caps on my SE/30 motherboard this morning, and had good luck all the way up to C3.... which I either accidentally lifted, or was eroded away by a leaky cap. Does anyone know an alternative location for the second pad that I can jumper to?  Or should I try connecting...
  7. Tarantulas

    Cap kits?

    Is there a reputable place to purchase cap kits for Macintosh restores?  I've got a SE/30 and a IIci that I'll need to recap.
  8. Tarantulas

    Top screws SE30.. rounded out?

    I'm new here, so please be kind. I was given an SE30, and need to crack it open to replace a dead HDD.  Unfortunately, the top (handle) screws heads appear to be rounded out or corroded to the point where there's nothing to grip on to.   Any suggestions? Thanks!