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  1. omgmonsters

    Picked up an SE/30, installed ROMinator II and maxed out RAM

    I've been looking for an SE/30 for years, and I just found one on eBay in my city for local pickup. Turned out to be literally 2 blocks from my house! Added a ROMinator II and 128MB of RAM, and I've never been so happy with a machine. It even came with a PDS video card installed. I'd love to...
  2. omgmonsters

    Mac 128K with Mac Plus upgrade

    Scored this Mac Plus which is an upgraded Mac 128K for $100. Came with keyboard, mouse, carry bag and a ton of disks. I'm excited to try and get this talking to the internet with my Asante EN/SC SCSI to Ethernet adapter. I made a quick video tour here: https://youtu.be/OkO_pQ0WWEQ
  3. omgmonsters

    Is this some sort of Mac Plus accelerator?

    I jumped on this on eBay, thinking it was a Brainstorm Mac Plus accelerator. However, I realize it doesn't have a processor on it. Anyone have any ideas on what this might be?