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  1. jack

    MCL Redistribution Kit

    Has anyone on here any experience with Macintosh Common Lisp? I downloaded and messed with it, it seems like quite the powerful development tool... The manual seems to make mention of a redistribution kit used to package Lisp programs for others to use in an optimized manner. Anyone got a copy...
  2. jack

    Studio Display and 9.2.2

    I'm running 9.2.2 on a QS G4 with a Studio Display. The display functions fine, but I'm not able to control brightness or use the USB on the rear. Is there some sort of special software I need to make this work?
  3. jack

    Looking for "Building and Managing Programs in MPW"

    Pretty sure this was a PDF file that came with some version of MPW (described using ResEdit & MPW in harmony in a good build system), but for whatever reason, I cannot seem to find it on any of my copies. Anyone got it?
  4. jack

    Bad power supply or bad luck?

    Left my fully working PowerBook G3 Wallstreet running and on the charger when I went to a meeting. I had recently replaced the display on this thing. When I had returned, the display backlight (or inverter board... or whatever) gave out, and the LCD showed the OS still running (very faintly)...
  5. jack

    Bomb victim

    Another "conquest" arrived... this one is not for the faint of heart. Poor SE/30 :( This was the first computer I had to give a bath before I could open it, the top screw holes were completely filled with corrosion. The logic board... The villan... After a little bit of...
  6. jack

    9.2.2 for iBook 16 VRAM?

    I've got a G3 snow (600 MHz 16 VRAM model) I want to put 9.2.2 on. From what I've read online, it's compatible with *only* 9.2.2.... my 9.2.2 CD has a 9.2.1 installer and the 9.2.2 updater, and refuses to install on the iBook (boots just fine tho). Anyone know which CD I should be using here...
  7. jack

    Wierd Issue: Hard drive spinning down on LC II

    So I waited too long to recap (one of) my LC II's. I was using it the other day when the speaker started crackling as I was using it... uh oh. Pulled it off the stack and pulled out the caps. Ordered new ones, they came today and I recapped it. After recapping, the sound is nice and crisp...
  8. jack

    Jack's Latest

    A LC II from Johnnya101... thanks! A Bondi Blue iMac G3 from craigslist. This is my second iMac G3 (other one is a Indigo one). Even came with original manuals and stickers. There's even a particularly cute "Sorry, no beige." sticker. And in the non-Mac world: A Digital HiNote CT475...
  9. jack

    APDA MPW C and C++ Compilers

    My MPW 3.3 (disk 3) claims that the C and C++ compilers for MPW are available as separate products through APDA. Does anyone have this archived?
  10. jack

    Mac Plus Video Flutter

    Recently, the video on my Mac Plus started to get a bit shaky, I tried to capture that in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_2yBmkOjlk Note the occasional scanline in the video is not what I'm talking about, the screen is occasionally compressing horizontally, and then it'll...
  11. jack

    No sound on Classic II even after recapping

    Hello 68k MLA folks, I recently aquired a Classic II (actually a Performa 200...). When I first got it, no startup chime and vertical bars, the usual symptoms of leaky capacitors. Cleaning the logic board allowed it to start and System 7 works great on it, but there was no sound. I connected...