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  1. omgmonsters

    MonsterROMinator... a ROMinator for Levco Monster Macs

    Hi there, sorry for bumping such an old thread - did this work? Thanks for making this board!
  2. omgmonsters

    Added Vga out to the Color Classic (mystic)

    Wow, this is so cool! Is there any guide out there to the video out mod?
  3. omgmonsters

    New CPU Accelerator options for 68K Macs?

    So excited that you guys are working on this - one of my holy grail upgrades!
  4. omgmonsters

    SE/30 OS Install problems

  5. omgmonsters

    SE/30 OS Install problems

    Hey there! I followed this guide, and never had a single problem (that I can remember!) with 8.1: https://www.vintageapple.org/gamba2/os8_68030.html
  6. omgmonsters

    Need some help getting an old Mac Plus working

    On my Plus it was a few broken joints in this row near the center of the analog board - I've heard they're really common to break.
  7. omgmonsters

    Picked up an SE/30, installed ROMinator II and maxed out RAM

    I've been looking for an SE/30 for years, and I just found one on eBay in my city for local pickup. Turned out to be literally 2 blocks from my house! Added a ROMinator II and 128MB of RAM, and I've never been so happy with a machine. It even came with a PDS video card installed. I'd love to...
  8. omgmonsters

    Mac 128K with Mac Plus upgrade

    Scored this Mac Plus which is an upgraded Mac 128K for $100. Came with keyboard, mouse, carry bag and a ton of disks. I'm excited to try and get this talking to the internet with my Asante EN/SC SCSI to Ethernet adapter. I made a quick video tour here: https://youtu.be/OkO_pQ0WWEQ
  9. omgmonsters

    Is this some sort of Mac Plus accelerator?

    I jumped on this on eBay, thinking it was a Brainstorm Mac Plus accelerator. However, I realize it doesn't have a processor on it. Anyone have any ideas on what this might be?