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  1. ktkm

    Sound Manager patch for Mobius and Carrera 040 accelerators?

    I have been researching the crackling sound issues with my Mobius card before but never reached any conclusion on how to fix it. This old Google thread mentions something about a patched version of “Sound Manager”. Is true or just a myth...
  2. ktkm

    Macintosh 16-inch Color Display -- Post Recap Issues

    A couple of weeks ago, I decided to fix minor convergence issues with my Macintosh 16-inch Color Display. Hence, after finding a burnt capacitor on the main board, I thought it was time to have the entire display recapped before I began fiddling with all the potentiometer dials. I started with...
  3. ktkm

    Help! Multiple Scan 17-inch won’t power-up!

    I received a Multiple Scan 17-inch monitor today. The unit seems to be in good shape but won’t power up. Since I would like to rule out a possible faulty control panel board, is there a way to test the power supply without the microprocessor control board and control panel board?
  4. ktkm

    Bronze Sound / AC Board in Pismo?

    I scored a new Pismo for $40 in good shape except for the speaker port, which got manhandled at some point. It is the 400 MHz model, and it came with 576 MB of RAM installed, which was nice. However, since I have an old sound/AC board from a “Bronze”, I wondered if it is interchangeable with the...
  5. ktkm

    Pismo brightness option, where did it go?

    I just made a fresh 9.0.4 install in my PowerBook FireWire and can’t control the brightness anymore. What is up with that?
  6. ktkm

    My Q950 PSU died today!?

    A weekend of power supply madness that I thought would end after successfully re-capped my IIsi PSU on Sunday turned for the worse when I noticed my Q950 wouldn’t start anymore. I feel cursed, or at least that the IIsi sucked the life out of the Q950. @BadGoldEagle , how is the project coming...
  7. ktkm

    IIsi PSU recap help!

    I just finished re-capping an IIsi Sony PSU, and it passed the smoke test. However, the PSU won’t start -- it only clicks. This is my first PSU re-cap that I have performed myself, and I’m a bit lost as to where I should look first. Any help is truly appreciated.
  8. ktkm

    Quadra 950 -- system quirks & bus errors

    Hello, I have a Quadra 950, with a SCSI2SD version 6, set up for four SCSI HD devices at 2 GB each (ID 0, 1, 2 and 3). After installing A/UX on SCSI ID 1 using the partition map and the guidance from the A/UX Server Penelope, I have some trouble installing and using System 7.5.3 (only with Open...
  9. ktkm

    Another Quadra 900/950 CD-Bezel (Caddy Style!)

    I’ve been spending more time with my Quadra 950 recently. After successfully recapping and restoring an internal caddy-loaded 300 drive, I decided it was time to have a CD-equipped tower. But just as for many before me, the bezel-less front became an eyesore. So I decided to design my own. You...
  10. ktkm

    Flyback opinions wanted

    When I was trying to figure out a video problem in one of my SE/30, I noticed some cracks in the flyback (perhaps common failure these days?). As a result, the flyback gives a buzzing sound, and the glow coming from cracks pulsate synchronized to the screen distortion. The PSU is a new Stratos...
  11. ktkm

    Radius PrecisionColor Pivot 0356 take apart guide?

    Hello, Yesterday I got hold of a Radius PrecisionColor Pivot 0356. The monitor seems to be in working condition; however, the physical pivoting function is very stale. I thought I peek inside to see if I can clean and lubricate all the moving parts, but the problem is that I can’t find a...
  12. ktkm

    New 3D-printed parts (ktkm)

    A couple of weeks ago, I posted in the Trading Post, about wanting to buy new Nubus slot covers (and CD-Bezel kit), and @elbaroni gave me a clever suggestion to look for 3D-printable parts (https://hackaday.com/2019/01/19/unobtanium-bezels-finally-modeled-for-3d-printing/). But then one of my...
  13. ktkm

    Quadra 950 squeaking noise and distorted video

    I’m testing a Quadra 950 in the hope of adding it to my collection. But it makes a subtle squeaking noise (not from the speaker), and the internal video becomes distorted when it reads from the hard drive. If I push down the mouse button, for instance, to make a selection in the main menu in...
  14. ktkm

    JackHammer in IIfx no boost in perfomance

    I’m currently testing two identical JackHammer cards (3.2) to see in what condition they are. But I’m not sure if my set up is optimal. I thought an IIfx would be a decent candidate to test them with, but I’m not getting any increased performance (I get approximately 1,15 MB/sec R/W with a...
  15. ktkm

    Graphics card with weird red artefacts (SuperMac Spectrum Power•1152)

    SuperMac Spectrum Power•1152 graphics card with weird red artefacts (the HD icon labels) that appear after being connected to an AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor for 5–10 min. (The card works great with an Apple Studio Display.) Sound familiar?
  16. ktkm

    SuperMac Spectrum 24 III ceramic capacitor?

    The video suddenly became raggedy and stripy in right edges of windows, menus, and other GUI elements (only when displaying millions of colours). Upon closer inspection, I found a blown ceramic capacitor on the back of the card. I thought I replace it, but I don‘t know the value, or where to...
  17. ktkm

    Asante MacCon daughterboard question

    Picked this daughterboard up, to use it with my MacCon IIsi/SE30 ethernet card, in the hope I could skip the use of a transceiver since my currently installed daughterboard only has thick and thin connections. Question is, are they compatible?
  18. ktkm

    II, IIx and IIfx bottom case interchangeable?

    Are the notchings on the bottom of the II, IIx and IIfx, that holds the motherboard, the same? /K
  19. ktkm

    NoStereo INIT

    I’m looking for an INIT that supposedly is called “NoStereo” and fixes some issues with the 601 turbo cache. Anyone here heard of it, tried it, or know where to find it?
  20. ktkm

    Portable 26-pin monitor cable broken

    The flaky and stripy video was a broken 26-pin LCD monitor cable. Has anyone had this problem, and how was it fixed? Where would you find this kind of cable today and what is it called?