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  1. MindThreat

    Share your Apple Color OneScanner Scans here!

    As with many of the Apple devices I’ve acquired over the past year or so, I wasn’t even aware Apple made or had branded-scanners manufactured. Originally I had the VisionPort scanner due to the intent being a completely portable retro mobile office (just for fun, obviously ;-)). However, I...
  2. MindThreat

    MIDI Motu Time Piece and PowerBook Kanga - will it work?

    I'm beginning to wonder if I can use my Kanga for some iteration of Cubase in my MIDI setup so that I can record some of my music instead of forking out $240ish on a MiST FPGA setup to emulate an Atari ST instead. Does anyone here have any experience specifically with the MOTU Time Piece 1 or 2...
  3. MindThreat

    NewtPaint Color on MessagePad 130

    Of course that’s not possible but with modern manipulation of drawings from the MessagePad, anything is! :D I’ve been experimenting a lot lately and wanted to share here specifically in case it’s missed elsewhere since I think it’s really fun and encourage others to try it as well. I use...
  4. MindThreat

    Panoramic Photos in Photoshop 5.5 advice/tips?

    Looking for tips/advice for merging or stitching photos together to create panoramic images from someone who has experimented with it in the 90s before everything was done automatically by software. I’m aware of Photomerge existing for Photoshop now but that’s not an option to use and I’m sure...
  5. MindThreat

    Show me your Blue and White G3 Setups!

    I ran across a photo from Blakespot a while back and have lusted over it ever since. Doubt I'll ever be able to find a complete setup with CRT in decent enough condition to bother purchasing or to justify making room I don't really have but would like to at least live vicariously through all of...
  6. MindThreat

    So what's new with your Newton?

    Having acquired a MessagePad 130 earlier this year, the newness has worn off but I still find myself unusually compelled to continue using it. Generally late at night will find myself wanting to jot down mental notes or otherwise and continue to feel like it's a good place to write it all down...
  7. MindThreat

    Share your Apple Quicktake 100/150/200 Photos here!

    I've been somewhat inclined to use these cameras more and more when we go out despite their quality not being very high. Keep in mind they're not replacing any modern cameras as we still take the majority of pictures using our trusty iPhone XS cameras. Someday I'd like to add a Sigma Merrill of...
  8. MindThreat

    Anyone with a QuickTake 100 upgraded to 150?

    I've collected a handful of these cameras (to actually use) but have yet to run across a single 100 that has been upgraded to a 150 in the past year. Does anyone here own a 100 that was upgraded to the 150? More of a curiosity than anything as I don't expect anyone to want to part with it.