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    SE/30 Gray Scale Micron issues

    Just a little friendly safety reminder that the pots on the analog board should be adjusted with a PLASTIC screwdriver/tool Only , especially the variable resistor DO NOT USE A METAL SCREWDRIVER! You could get a serious shock! Unless you want to end up on the next episode of electroboom! ;P...
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    Building an internal grayscale card for the SE/30

    sadly I missed out on the other amazing cards you made but i really hope I can get one of these! =)
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    SE30 Fire!

    it wasn't very exciting lol I tried to clean up the burn mark its pretty deep! but the rest of the case cleaned up like a mirror I can really see the signatures now, I guess I added a signature of my own in the mold now lol ! I managed to file off most of the charred corner of the radius...
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    SE30 Fire!

    I suppose you're right, I never noticed and never heard anything mentioned about the inside of the case being completely coated with metal I guess as an emi shield, I tested the resistance of the case is like 002 ohms so ya its pretty conductive, it just looked like some pretty high current that...
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    SE30 Fire!

    I thought I could finally put the case back on my se30 I thought I finally had it fixed and completed, I had recently replaced the old cracked and arcing flyback transformer and got all 128mb of ram. Even with the case on the external screen never went grayscale I thought replacing the...
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    SE30 cd 68mb Diimo 50 Radius color Full recap Complete almost..

    I will also order the other set of 64mb (16mbx4) ram sticks to finally max this se30 out to 128mb of ram soon! =)
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    Radius pivot color se30 weird random grayscale problem

    I spent the money and got a NOS replacement flyback transformer to replace my good ol sparky stock one, model 157-0042C was replaced with a 157-0026C. After some extensive testing no sparks or arcs I could see and no smell of smoke or anything so I put the case back on and so far there has been...
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    SE30 cd 68mb Diimo 50 Radius color Full recap Complete almost..

    Just thought I would finally update this post after all these years! Finally made some more progress on my good ol se30. I came across a asante maccon ethernet se30 model with the removable AUI daughter-board to fit a monitor port and decided to modify the radius pivot card for the iisi with a...
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    Mac SE stripped case screw advice

    Just use the screw extractor bits is probably the best way I could think of
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    Replacement for Radius MagicBus cable?

    As far as I understood those radius boards there was no cable for that bus port but instead a secondary card that is supposed to go on that slot like these photos of a board I saw on ebay. I'm not sure of their compatibility tho. This is just a 2 page display board that also does not have the...
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    Asante Maccon for se

    i Think this is the bin file I downloaded for my SE/30 maccon I think it also includes drivers for other versions as well.?maybe? I recommend reading the readme file it suggested disabling my extensions for installation by holding shift while booting and also after installing I had to shut the...
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    Flyback opinions wanted

    This same thing is happening to my flyback transformer and i would hate to waste money on another analog board with another old burnt out flyback that might even be worse off than the one i have! I would love to find or afford a NOS flyback or one day hopefully people will make a replacement...
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    Radius pivot color se30 weird random grayscale problem

    I may have found some what of a clue to what the culprit might be to this odd problem. Or maybe not but this still needs to be addressed. While I had my se case off it was sitting in a place on my desk that was rather dark I noticed the tiniest arcing/spark on the flyback transformer, this...
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    Radius pivot color se30 weird random grayscale problem

    I've got a very crazy weird issue that is intermittent and kind of hard to explain so I'll try to word it as best I can. I have never been able to figure this out in all these years. I have a good ol se30 that I recapped many years ago and fully recapped the analog and power supply the voltages...
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    Radius Pivot SE/30, large memory + Mode 32 - no mouse cursor

    I know this thread is a little old, but I had a similar problem with my radius pivot color card in my se30 with 68mb of ram 32bit clean using system 7 the mouse would freeze on startup only on the radius monitor. The issue was with the old ROM (I had v1.0) on the radius pivot card when using...
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    Mode32 with Radius Color Pivot mouse freezes

    I doubt it was that simple, the only jumpers on the board are to select the pds address for the card in case other pds cards use set address, and did not effect the problem either way the mouse freezing Only in 32bit mode Only on the pivot connected screen instantly as it boots. Also the IIsi...
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    SE30 cd 68mb Diimo 50 Radius color Full recap Complete almost..

    YAY! I got the scsi2sd working! And got all 4  2gb drives working! I got my files from the hard drive with no problem ! I'm still hoping it was just a loose power connector to the hard drive from heat etc when it starts loading it would kinda "restart". Luckily I had a 2 scsi cable around so I...
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    SE30 cd 68mb Diimo 50 Radius color Full recap Complete almost..

    Thank you chu-oh I totally forgot about that stuff >< I remember even this 2g drive I had a hard time getting it recognized and initialized I had to find just the right hd setup tool. I'll mess with it more and keep updating =) Also got the updated v2.6 rom chip for the radius card and...
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    Mac spotted on stage

    Not sure if there's a topic for mac spottings but I saw a mac plus it looks like on stage with the great guitar player Shawn Lane in this old video! =D plus its a good song. wonder what he was using it for
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    SE30 cd 68mb Diimo 50 Radius color Full recap Complete almost..

    So i finally got around to see if this low profile pivot card Barely fits in the SE30 on the diimo slot. Only temporary I don't like how its jammed in there.. This card has the v2.5 ROM and it seems to work fine no problems with the mouse freezing in 32bit. Hoping the updated chip will work...