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  1. beachycove

    FPU, software, and a Classic II

    I’ve been sitting on the fence as to whether to order an FPU card for my Classic II. I suppose my question is whether any software actually usable on a Classic II makes use of an FPU. Is there a list somewhere handy (old magazines, whatever) of FPU-aware 68k software that would help me settle...
  2. beachycove

    SE/30 ps identification

    I have an SE/30 that has had a logic board recap, but nothing more. It is working, but the screen is slightly distorted until the machine warms up (3-4 mins.), so I figure it’s time I recapped the analog board and power supply. Before I order parts, I have a dumb question: how do I identify the...
  3. beachycove

    Current source for 68k PowerBook batteries

    I just came across these listings, which appear to be current. They aren’t cheap but they seem to be real. Has anyone any experience of the company? http://www.batterytex.com/search-batteries , search “PowerBook”.
  4. beachycove

    Fair Witness: Interesting early 90s software

    One of the things I most like about vintage Macs is the sheer variety of imaginative software produced for them, much of which is still unsurpassed. In those days, it was all about the interface and the applications rather than the web or media. Here’s a program I recently came across via an...
  5. beachycove

    Value of a IIsi

    What’s a sane price for a machine like a IIsi these days, with monitor? 
  6. beachycove

    Couple of IIsi questions

    I have two IIsi machines here that I just re-capped (logic board only). One of them gives me a garbled screen on startup after being unplugged overnight; if I just restart, it recognizes the monitor fine. It’s an Apple mono screen from the period, so there will be no conflict there. Both are...
  7. beachycove

    Mystery Focus Enhancements Card: Can anyone identify?

    This came to me in a lot of Mac goodies some years ago. I have never been able to figure out what it is, beyond thinking it to be video-related. Can anyone help? I do not even know if the bend in the metal plate is by accident or design. I do not want to chuck something out that is of interest...
  8. beachycove

    IIci dead Nubus slots

    I have posted a couple of times on here about my IIci with dead Nubus slots. I am downsizing and wondering what to do with the unit, and came across this on Reddit: Anyone here seen this problem and found this the solution? Two small (and inexpensive) components near the Nubus slots are said...
  9. beachycove

    Nubus Video cards and System 6

    I have a number of late production, high end Nubus 24-bit video cards for large displays (e.g., Radius LeMans, an eMachines Futura, a RasterOps with onboard 30-pin RAM slots for G-Worlds and RAM disk, and a few more goodies of the same vintage). Can these generally be used in System 6? I think...
  10. beachycove

    Removing onboard RAM

    I have an LC520 logic board that gives the chimes of death no matter what is connected to it. I am not ultra-keen to throw it out, as it is probably worth real money in the open market as a Color Classic upgrade, assuming it could be made to work. Now, of course other problems could be the...
  11. beachycove

    Favourite Under-the-Radar Software Titles

    Everyone knows the big titles, but what about the ittsy-bitsy, under-the-radar ones that hardly anyone noticed, but that do something remarkable on an old Mac that we all might want to try out? In this regard, I would like to draw attention to a little Shareware offering called Trawl (available...
  12. beachycove

    Question about PowerBook Wallstreet II Graphics failure

    My old faithful Wallstreet II (266mhz) has been languishing with a failing hard drive and a failing display (a rectangle of artifacts covering about 1/3 of the screen), so it being the Christmas holidays and me having some time on my hands, I decided today to do some work on the machine today...
  13. beachycove

    KVM resolution woes 2: the prequel

    Before connecting up the KVM mentioned in the companion thread, I had a Dr Bott DVI/USB KVM connected to 3xG5s and 1x MacPro 2008 and a 23" Cinema Display. The KVM worked splendidly, allowing recognition of the proper screen resolution and so on. However, the thing would randomly switch to the...
  14. beachycove

    KVM resolution woes 1

    I have a fairly generic KVM with DVI/USB interface that defaults to 1024x768 resolution, e.g., if a machine is booted or if it wakes without the switch being properly set to it. The machines involved are 3xG5s and one Mac Pro running X.5 and X.9 respectively, and all are connected via the KVM to...
  15. beachycove

    Quadra 950 and the IIfx architecture

    I just found a statement in another thread from Sept 4, 2019 (statement was by user IIfx), and rather than necro-thread it, I thought I would bring it up separately: "The Quadra 950 is ... solid like a rock; main difference between 950 and 800 architecture is how the 950 grew out of the IIfx...
  16. beachycove

    160gb drive in a Pismo?

    I just received a 160GB PATA 2.5" drive from China, via eBay. It was intended for a Pismo running under  Mac OS 9.2, which is limited to a 128GB drive. I had thus ordered a 120GB, but received the larger drive. Yes, I have complained, and got no resolution. i will make a modest complaint, but...
  17. beachycove

    Wallstreet screen artifacts

    My Wallstreet, 266mhz, 14" screen, has developed screen artifacts that I would like to ask the wisdom of the group about. I have some spare parts here, but don't want just to go swapping random parts in and out, as these machines would be tedious to work on in that way. I am looking for the...
  18. beachycove

    LC575 screen

    My LC575 (pictured here alongside my CC) has after the ~ ten years since that photo was taken begun to get brittle plastics, and I am wondering whether it is worth trying to keep.  I doubt it is worth trying to sell, as I am pretty sure it would not survive being shipped (the CRT would surely...
  19. beachycove

    68k Macs: Does System 7.5.5 offer any advantages?

    AFAIK, System 7.5.5 mainly offered PPC updates for 7.5.3, concentrated heavily on 68k emulation bugs and on new PPC Macs of the time that needed System software support. Were there any significant fixes in 7.5.5 for 68k Macs? I ask because I have 7.5.3 newly installed on an SE/30 (runs it...
  20. beachycove

    Improving a PowerBook Duo keyboard

    I came across this while wandering the interwebs the other day, on the archived Japanese CCSCC (Color Classic hot-rodding) website. One of us ought to give it a try over a couple of cold winter nights, as a stock Duo keyboard is such crap...