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    Project30 - fourth edition - Radius IIsi NuBus Adapter build for SE/30?

    Hey Trash, This is something I've I wondered about for years. CongraduIations to team Project30. I was under the impression that other parts would have to be added to the board. Do you think I can now use an OTTO TECH SEIV with this mod? Peace. TPOPE
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    Introducing (and interest check) AirTalk: Wireless plug-and-play LocalTalk dongles

    Please put me on the customer list. I am very interested. TPOPE
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    Missing SE/30 SCSI Controller Chip

    Hey Chillin, Check Wikipedia for SCSI2 for definitions. The only products I ever heard of SCSI acceleration was Jackhammer and OTTO's SEIV. But I don't I know how you want to use them they may be NuBus only. Once I had a SCSI accelerated PLUS with a TOTAL SYSTEMS Gemini so I know they exist...
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    Project30 - IIsi NuBus adapter in SE/30 trials - take 3

    Do you still need plus of the ExpanSe/30? TPOPE
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    SE/30 PDS/NUBUS Adapter Project?.

    Hello Members, I have a NUBUS/PDS ADAPTER made by Apple in 1990, S/N 820-0305-0. It was pulled from a IIsi so I assume it's compatible to the SE/30.  Dr. Bunson tells me its not compatible, and I believe him.  I think it has something to do with usage of PDA pins and the unique design of the...
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    IIsi Nubus adapter in SE/30 with SiliconExpress IV?

    Can a SI PDS/NUBUS adapter card be used in a SE/30 to support an ATTO SiliconExpress IV card? If not why not? Thanks for your help.
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    Jag and OS X on SE/30

    Does anyone know how Jag put OS X on a SE/30? I remember years ago that he did and there was not much ram left for anything else. I'd like to try. Peace. Tpope