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  1. SlateBlue

    Macintosh II Restoration

    Today I received a Macintosh II in the mail. It was gifted to me, and the previous owner stated that it didn't boot up. Knowing that this is likely attributed to dead PRAM batteries, I thought I might be able to revive it and have another toy to add to the collection. Unfortunately, as I got to...
  2. SlateBlue

    More SE/30 Woes

    First, I want to thank techknight for all of his help with this board. He was able to bring it back from terminal simasimac. I have an odd issue, and I'm not sure where to start. I've check continuity between several chips, but I quickly get lost in trying to understand the Bomarc schematics...
  3. SlateBlue

    IIGS Apple 3.5 Drive won't eject...

    The drive won't eject when the button is pressed, nor will it eject when dragging a disk to the trash. When I try the drag to trash method, the GS/OS appears to unmount the disk, but the disk drive will still show disk activity (light cycles on for a few seconds, then off, then back on), and the...
  4. SlateBlue

    Floppy Emu Questions

    Here is the info from an image that doesn't work. Screenshot was taken under OS 9.2.2. The option to convert this image to DiskCopy 4.2 format is greyed-out. I can only select Read-Only, Read-Only Compressed, or Read-Write.
  5. SlateBlue

    Floppy Emu Questions

    I received my Floppy Emu in the mail this past Friday. I'm impressed with this piece of hardware and feel it's well worth the price. For some reason, the Floppy Emu didn't recognize several image files I downloaded from the garden. These image files were downloaded onto a Power Mac G5 and...
  6. SlateBlue

    SE/30 Woes

    Here are photos of the underside of the logic board.
  7. SlateBlue

    SE/30 Woes

    Here are a few pics of the logic board with close-ups of what I think are trouble areas. Let me know if additional photos are needed. And, if you decide to criticize my cap job, please do so constructively. :)
  8. SlateBlue

    SE/30 Woes

    I recapped my SE/30, and the repair failed to fix it. Prior to recap, the Mac had horizontal bars from top to bottom and no chime. The attached photo shows the screen after recap was completed, and still no chime. I checked to make sure RAM was installed properly. Also, if I remove the RAM, the...
  9. SlateBlue

    Macintosh Classic AB Recap

    And the obligatory photo. Forgive the poor lighting and refresh mismatch. I'm impressed with the vivid display of the screen. This is only half brightness! (Errr... The uploader automatically rotated my photo. I'm not sure how to fix it. Tilt your head or your monitor.)
  10. SlateBlue

    Macintosh Classic AB Recap

    Hi everyone. I thought I'd take the time to create a post about my recapping adventure, and maybe take the opportunity to ask a few questions. If the is dry reading for you, I apologize. I'm not known for being a good storyteller. So, for starters - A several months ago, I acquired a Macintosh...
  11. SlateBlue

    Any interest in this SCSI2SD bracket?

    Hi all! This is my first post to 68k... So here goes: I decided to create my own SCSI2SD bracket, simply because I couldn't find any other brackets for the smaller V5.0a board. I used a 3.5" desktop hard drive as my inspiration, and with some refinements, I think this bracket is a good...