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  1. mg.man

    Cloning the Interware Booster 30

    As mentioned in the "Cloning the MicroMac MMXL99 LC-LCII-CC" thread... I have just picked up one of these little beauties, which seems to have one of the more crack-able GALs: There's not much info out there on the 'web about it... @max1zzz, @Bolle, have either of you looked into cloning...
  2. mg.man

    Apple //c [Alps] floppy drive not working

    I'm working on a //c which seems fine apart from the floppy - which spins, "jiggles" the head, but does not seek to Track 0. The //c will boot from a FloppyEMU in 5.25" mode when directly connected to the internal floppy connector. Does anyone have any experience repairing one of these - or a...
  3. mg.man

    Total Systems Mercury 030 in a Plus

    I recently acquired a Total Systems Mercury 030 accelerator from another MLA'r... it had the default configuration and works perfectly in my SE - now SE/030! :-D I'd like to try it out in my Plus, which I know it supports.  However, I can't find any documentation on how to set the jumpers and...
  4. mg.man

    Should a 400k drive work in a Mac II or other non-compact Mac?

    I recently acquired a 512k Mac with an additional external drive.  Both drives were totally jammed, but thanks to the advice here and elsewhere, I have them freed up and accepting / ejecting disks.  I don't have the 512k recommissioned yet, so have tried them in my Mac II.  It sees the drives...